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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Books and Beats - Reflecting on the SL Scene

 Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with my Second Life because of my annoying real life.  I am sure you know what I mean, if you have invested any quality of time in-world.  There are some things that run concurrently through both worlds for me - books and beats!   I have written and read far less since I moved West, but what has kept me sane has been music!   Even when I have little time for anything else in SL, I hangout at a virtual venue and listen to the amazing SL talent!

So here I am again, this week, getting ready from the little studio behind my beach condo on Book Island, listening to some cool jazz streaming through the villa.    In a few minutes, I will be hosting my radio show once again  - a mix of talent from all over the world broadcast through the stream of SL Live Radio!  See how to listen at the end of this blog!   Hope you can join me.  By the way, at the same time as my show, book island has some cool gatherings to inspire writers!    I would be there if I could, but it's nearly showtime.

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