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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer's Last Breath

Fortunately, we have Second Life, lol, as summer winds down for many of us. My business partner, Lowe Runo (Machinima Artist Guild founder), created a small hangout along the beach outside of our office building. Here's just a few pics of me admiring his work. He made it for his old, new, and soon-to-be friends because he said to me, that the machinima business should be fun. The hangout is adjacent to our outside classroom/auditorium. So much fun stuff here, dancing disks, crazy animations, and cool people (if I say so myself). Look around. Hey, what else would expect from a machinima enterprise and a eccentric machinima man! Be sure to say hi to our neighbor, Kara, too!

Drop by Lowe Runo Productions on the Island of Fame, and say hi, dance, explore, explode, or chill.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

After Woodstock!

Okay, Woodstock was a blast last week. below I am still wearing my hippie sundress. LOL. But time to sharpen the turntables. I feature SL Musicians, Sunday afternoons, typically 2-4PM SLT on the one and only BOSL Radio!

The BOSL web site is being developed, but you can listen!


Soni :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Graduating with Honors

Ahh, music to the eyes. I will take one of those fashion detours this blog, and simply appreciate SL's beauty at its best. As summer draws to a close, it is a wonderful time for new beginnings, celebrating a new generation of lovely and talented models. Some friends and associates of Prism gathered to watch a special graduation.

CEO Journey McLaglen invited me to this special fashion show featuring two "Prism model" graduates. All watched on with anticipaion!

Emcee Herradura Baar (below) began the evening saying, "Sere and Jezz have worked hard to be amazing models - and tonight is their graduation ceremony."

It was a lovely event, with a cozy turnout out of Prism friends and associates. The fashion graduates proved they have the flair for style in their choices for outfits, and the beauty and skills to do those outfits justice. Be on the look out for them modeling Journey's lastest creations, and be sure to check out her store.

And now the lovely graduates....Sererika Capra and Jezzixa Cazalet!

Thanks for the invite! :) Soni

Prism Haute Couture,

Friday, August 6, 2010

Flashback Night

Led Zeppelin on huge screens in a huge fab coliseum. A packed sim, 70s themed contest, and good people. That was my Friday night! I blogged it for Best of SL Magazine. Here's the scoop - either you missed it or maybe I caught you there!

I love SL music, even when it is imported from the RL legends that influenced the music scene here and in that other world that takes us away from Second Life.

Well the reality of it is - Whispering Ruins Alternative Club promises more Zeppelin, live SL music and other sonic treats!

:) Soni, reporting on the big musical grid. LOL

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Soni! here at BOSL Radio! I play original tunes from SL musicians on a show called SLOW BAKE. Name drop some of your favorites and help me get their music on BOSL Radio and across the world!
:) Don't be a stranger, we are all part of the big grid in space.