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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Season Greetings!

Ho!  Ho!  Ho!   Soni's got your music covered this Sunday!
I will be slipping in some holiday tunes as well!

Whatever holidays you and yours celebrate this season, 
please stop by our special SL Live Radio ice rink!  

You bring the hot cocoa, and I will bring the toasty tunes!  The ice rink was designed by SL Live Radio's DJ Deepert as part of his gift offering to the grid (as our promotions director).  So come out and listen today at a special time!

SLOW BAKE's Happy Holidays Show
Sunday, December 20, 2015
11AM to 1PM SLT 
(rather than our normal Noon to 2PM)  

SL Live Radio,
Set your land in-world,
Ice Rink location!  

See last week's blog for pics of the ice rink!

Blast from the Holiday Past! 
To get you in the holiday spirit, the legendary music manager Sher Salmson reminds us on her Facebook page of some of the SL musicians who we haven't heard from in awhile.   I got this from her social site!   Follow the link below to hear a holiday treat from SL's ol' days, featuring Allister and Ocean.

The Holiday Blogger! 
And then there's the always on-top-of-what's going-on-in-the-grid Ms. Kara Trapdoor's famous blog.  Check her site for the latest events year around.   I grabbed this stunning photo from her blog.  It should entice you to visit the Linden Lab Winter Wonderland!  Chilling pic, Kara!   Listen for her first report of the week on Slow Bake, Sunday afternoons, SLT, on SL Live Radio.  Then hear it all week throughout the day during regular programming on SL Live Radio.

Photo by Kara Trapdoor @2015

Sunday, December 13, 2015

SL Music is always in season!

Top Five on Artist Signal includes two of SL favorites!  Did you vote yet?!  
Better be good and vote before Krampus gets you!

Slow Bake is Extra Cool Today!

Photo courtesy of SL Live Radio *DJ Deepert*
Ice Skating Party!!!!!  
December 13, 2015
12 to 2PM SLT 

Baby, it's cold out there!  But our new rink is so cool!

This Season SL Live Radio's
'Slow Bake' is ice skating!

Sonicity Fitzroy's Slow Bake on SL LIVE radio!  Sundays Noon to 2PM PST/SLT
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Playing Musicians and bands including -  Soul Vision (Joe Bowosky), Kyle Bronsdon, Skye Galaxy, Red Heaven, Beth Odets, Ganjo Mokeev, The Matthew Show, Pete Mroz, The Follow, Grace McDunnough, David Csiszer, James Olmos (AcousticEnergy), Harry Frychester, Kevin M. Thomas, SaraMarie Philly (her "Red" LP), Nance Brody ("Spendor" LP), Strum Diesel, Gina Stella, AMForte Clarity,  Dan Russo, Don Galaga, Josie Anderton, Christopher Quan, Suzen Juel, Lindi Moo, Seth Regan (Mankind), LizAday, Phemie Alcott, TerryLynn Melody, Tone Uriza, Tristyn Homewood, Twin Ghost, Strummer Vultee, and Blair Bond...and some  classic finds of Mimi Carpenter, Gina Gracemount, Max Kleene, and Clairede Dirval.

Adding music weekly.... 

SL LIVE RADIO - The Choice of AVI Awards!

Also home for Kara Trapdoor's weekly feature of events around the grid!

Keep updated -  new music news!

Ice Rink, complements of DJ Deepert!

Tune in! 
SL Live Radio,
Set your land in-world,