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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Operatic Sounds of Tamra

And now for the lovely sounds of Tamra Hayden; otherwise knows as Tamra Sands in Second Life. Just a quick note about this talented woman that I had the honor and pleasure to hear during a special rez day party (BOSL Founder/CEO Frolic Mills).    Her voice is angelic, and that is not an understatement. 
Here's some quick pics, and the full story is at Best of SL Magazine's blog.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Diaspora Fusion Rocks The Grid

  Good times on a Tuesday at Diaspora Fuson.

Note the Public Service Announcement sponsored by Diaspora Fusion.  So okay you know sometimes you find a gem in the midst of so many so-so clubs.    Not knocking other clubs, but sometimes you find something special, a bit different, from someone who knows how to rock.

Avia the terrible (a.k.a. Avia Dionysus) is anything but TERRIBLE.  She's a super DJ talent, great voice with intelligent talk ups.  She does spin a powerful mix that shows she knows her stuff when it comes to alternative rock bands.   On this nite, she was spinning out of Toronto to a small SL crowd at Diaspora Fusion that continued to pick up through the night.  Her lovely host, Bubblez.Buccaneer, kept the night fun as well.

Can you hum a few bars to Linkin Park, Celldweller, Rammstein, Black Keys, Low Level Flight, and Tiger Army, Lykke Li, and so forth, even some Nickelback, then you are at the right spot.  Plus you gotta love that spinning record dance floor.  Contests, trivia, and most of all good people who just like to wear black, tats, piercings, and keep the conversation going.  Anyone is welcome, and you will feel very welcomed here.  You will just know, if you know what I mean.

Attendees included:  Franchu Mekanic, D4M14N McDonnell, Platera Brianna, nunu Arun, Ziggy Stoanes, Stormie Coy, Belinda Barnes, among others I might have missed. Thanks to Bel for hanging out with me, as I checked out Diaspora Fusion.   Make note of the SLURL.

:)  Soni

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Casual Friday Night

A fairy tale setting, a warm summer breeze, good people relaxing and enjoying life...accompanied by live music at Under The Willows.  Soni back at you, popping in and out of the live music scene.   Let's start with the woman in the photo below, an amazing singer herself. 

Premiere SL Music Manager Sher Salmson (above, 2nd and 3rd photo) and Venue Owner Under the Willows Precious Rallier (4th photo) love live music, and so together they created magic this Friday night - the perfect talent at the perfect intimate hide-away for music lovers.  Below, AcousticEnergy Nitely with Kenzie Kytori (Kenzie's). 

Under the Willows is a beautiful live music venue.   I arrived in the middle of AcousticEnergy's performance (wonderful as always) and stayed to hear Avant (AvantGarde Frequency, 3rd & 4th photo from bottom).   The night was mellow with acoustic ballads from AE and then some from Avant, who transitioned into some classic rock favs as well.  At one point, the audience grooved to a Beatles Medley. and later some Moody Blues.   I caught a pic of the lovely live venue owner of the same name Kenzie (Kenzie Kytori of Kenzie's) slipping in a dance with AE, who performs at regularly on her stage.  A fab night all around.   Damian Carbenell stayed around for most of the night, and of course one of SL's loveliest music manager Sher Salmson was greeting friends and fans to the exquisite venue - UNDER THE WILLOWS (owned by Precious Rallier).

thursday, may 12, 2011 Tukso slips into some comfortable tunes

The story is simple once upon a time there was a talented musician named Tukso Okey who performed for his adoring fans in Second Life one late Thursday evening at the amazing Rock at the Kasbah in Stony Brook Beach.   The happy ending is that you can catch him regularly on the grid.  Tusko the perfect nightcap.    :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Building Machines to Reach The Stars Part II

Streaming Live on Facebook while Live in SECOND LIFE!

Across the stage a banner read "Building Machines" announcing the latest album from The Follow (AJ Darkwatch bass; Powers Avon, drum; and Troy Shoreland, guitar). Two Moon Paradise hosted the album concert, and the grid was full. The beautiful vibes from the band added to the tropic surroundings. At one point, Troy told the fans that they need to realize their dreams are possible - just follow them, work toward them. He also said ask AJ how many hours he practiced along the way to get where he is - and where the band is now. He also said the meaning of the band's music has changed along the way, the lyrics change as they do. Of course, The Follow played over as usual. Look for future show dates and their new album on, iTunes, etc.

The Follow Debuts New Album Today in SL

Building Machines To Reach the Stars

Debut May 7, 2011, 7pm SLT at Two Moon Paradise in Second Life.
Key West, Tuesday May 24th.

Now more than ever, I would follow The Follow. This band that hails from the Heartland, and that made a stop over by my university years back is definitely the one of the coolest in attitude and lyrically on the grid and in the USA. A haunting sense of how to touch your soul and keep it real (pardon an old cliche), The Follow's new album is worth a listen, and hey freakin' wear the CD out. Not just one song - you will let this album play through over and over. See my complete review at Soni's Songs.

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