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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Photo is Worth a 1,000 Words...

So what's several photos worth!!! LOL. Here's my week in photos! Some of my stops - BOSL Radio to Lin's Art Gallery to Leroy (Showcase) to Club IX.

Also check:
Soni's Songs

:) soni

Leroy Showcase (Flickr Pics)

Lin's Art Gallery (Flickr Pics)


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Part Two: The ITFactor

For the second night in a row, we got to hear a new voice on the grid. Not just any voice. Cutting into AcousticEnergy Nitely's set at Coconut Rock (@ Two Moon Paradise) is Second Life's newest musician addition - ItFactor, his 19 year old son. In about a day's time, he's gained a new look and more confidence. Kudos to him. He's way on his way to being a grid favorite. AE is in the red.

Soni@ Coconut Rock

IT takes to the stage!

AcousticEnergy and ItFactor - what a duo. Both performed on stage this Thursday. AE handed over the stage to his 19 year old son, IT, who made a great debut performance with wonderful accolades from Kenzie's AE regulars. Christopher Quan had put on a remarkable show prior to AE, so It was in good company. Kenzie's is host to SL's finest live musicians across the grid.

Back to ItFactor, so he made his one song debut and then did another 30 minute set after his Dad finished. AE was a proud daddy and reminded the audience that IT would have to make it on his own in SL, earning money for skin, clothes, and even a AO (animation overdrive). By the end of the set, he earned major Linden bucks, well on his way to a new look, with owner Kenzie Kytori, volunteering to help him get all set by night's end.

I got a couple of snapshots - one with him and Dad - and another of his wonderfully cute noob look, sort of like baby snapshots (so we can always pull it out to embarrass him later or just to show him how far he has come in years or even months from now).

Later, and hope to be playing some AcousticEnergy Nitely and ItFactor music soon on my show Slow Bake on BOSL Radio.

:) Soni


Slow Bake back on the air

Welcome Back to BOSL Radio. We all return from happy holidays! This week I debut two adds on my show, Slow Bake, on Saturdays, from SL oldtimer Matthew Perrault. It's a show all about SL musicians, only on BOSL Radio. Here's the rest of the story -

Happy Music Trails!

:) Soni

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gavin Zane at Key West

Gavin Zane says, he is happy to be in Second Life. He performed late Saturday evening at Key West to a full house. I especially liked his version of Jack and Diane, a Mellencamp classic. He does a mix of new and pop rock classics. Look for him on the grid, and book him through Sher Salmson, his incredibly sweet and sexy manager. Enjoy the pics!

Welcome to Soni's blog - LOL. Gavin, you have been caught in pics.

:) Soni

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Skye is Not the Limit at Gwampas

Evening at Gwampas
with AcousticEnergy,
TwinGhost Ronas,
and Skye Galaxy.

Holiday Paradise with SL Musicians

So I am just getting around to this - HaHa - Some more photos from Twin Moon Paradise's Holiday Celebrations - Christmas and New Year's Day Celebrations. These images showcase Coconut Rock at Two Moon, with Shiran Sabra as your lovely owner/hostess. Stage shots of TerryLynn Melody (Christmas) and Christopher Quan (New Year's Day). In the audience, Gina Stella (performed New Year's Day) with Anek Fuchs, and enjoying the show: singer Blueron Clyburn and manager Sher Salmson as the blonde in the black slinky dress :) - a cool agent for some of the hippest musicians of SL.
Shiran in the red gown for Christmas and dusty green for New Year's Day.
TwoMoon Paradise
@Coconut Rock

-:) Soni