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Saturday, January 15, 2011

IT takes to the stage!

AcousticEnergy and ItFactor - what a duo. Both performed on stage this Thursday. AE handed over the stage to his 19 year old son, IT, who made a great debut performance with wonderful accolades from Kenzie's AE regulars. Christopher Quan had put on a remarkable show prior to AE, so It was in good company. Kenzie's is host to SL's finest live musicians across the grid.

Back to ItFactor, so he made his one song debut and then did another 30 minute set after his Dad finished. AE was a proud daddy and reminded the audience that IT would have to make it on his own in SL, earning money for skin, clothes, and even a AO (animation overdrive). By the end of the set, he earned major Linden bucks, well on his way to a new look, with owner Kenzie Kytori, volunteering to help him get all set by night's end.

I got a couple of snapshots - one with him and Dad - and another of his wonderfully cute noob look, sort of like baby snapshots (so we can always pull it out to embarrass him later or just to show him how far he has come in years or even months from now).

Later, and hope to be playing some AcousticEnergy Nitely and ItFactor music soon on my show Slow Bake on BOSL Radio.

:) Soni