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Sunday, May 31, 2015

May I Listen? Yes, you Alex Mays!

Let's start with an introduction to blues by Amays (Alex Mays) and BLUE (Eddie Blue).  Alex is the front man/avatar in Second Life.  And both play together in Real Life like this -

You can catch Alex in the virtual world at all the popular venues, and then some. Now when artist rep. Sher Salmson says that a musician is talented, you can bet they are so.   I have known Sher nearly all my virtual life.    She has fairly much retired from music management, and is having fun with some other projects, including creating music machinima. 

There are some 'virtual' musicians who she is still ready to help, and among her favorites is Alex.    What are the characteristics of a "Sher" musician type?   Hard working avatar, dedicated to the music craft, songwriter/composer, charismatic and possessing oodles of audience rapport.   They must be committed to Second Life, and take it as seriously as anything else (yet not full of themselves).

So that would be Alex Mays and the company he keeps!   She has other favs, and if you know her, you will know them.   Just sayin' there's something special about this guy, originally from North Carolina, now Michigan-based.   

In Kalamazoo, Alex has teamed up as well with Eddie Blue for some amazing work.   Below are two renditions of All I Need -

Virtually Yours (posted May 15, 2015 YouTube by Sher)

All I Need is a sassy tune that speaks to nightlife at its core.  Listen and watch here for some serious acoustical R&B, funk, jazz between the duo on Reverbnation.    

Alex Mays' Solo Work 

It's Always Been Raining!  (May 21, 2015)   recently posted by Sher

Check out Alex's solo music also on Reverberation

His Americana tunes reflect Rock, Blues, Southern Rock and Jazz. 
Check him out also on YouTube.   So "Come Along Baby" and listen here.

Here's one that Sher produced/posted - Have Mercy!

And if that is not enough - here's Alex's LP "Americana Recordings"

Catch him in the real and virtual!

- Soni

P.S.  I play his music on SL Live Radio Sundays, noon to 2PM, as well as many other SL artists and boast now of a nearly 600 song playlist.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hoots for Owl! Winston Ackland and POL Arida

Two greats!

Incredible concert last Thursday at DarkStar (Owl Dragonash's live music venue).   I was reminded of it when POL Arida sent me three songs.  I had bought a couple of his albums before the concert to review his music, and it was a treat to receive some more tracks in the email later that week.  POL Arida is renowned for its guitar mastery, and his music became an exceptional addition to my radio show today, Slow Bake (on SL Live Radio Sundays, noon to 2pm SLT).

Reflecting on Memorial Day, consider listening to his "Land of the Free" (2012). I especially like the music video,
POL Arida's web site, where you can buy his music is at...

Before him, I enjoyed Winston Ackland, another notable musician, and from what I gather a talented songwriter as well as musician.   He has his own music out under his name Bruce Lash, as well with his band "Wonderland Diner."   One of the fav tunes he played this day was from the band's recent 2015 album "Dandelion."   You must listen to the title track, but even better yet, "He Dreams of Amish Girls."  Ackland might sound familiar to you, for he sang a cover of "Lithium" in the 2008 motion picture 'Marley and Me,' and "Psycho Killer" in the Oliver Stone film 'Savages.'   Wintson is a great storyteller, and at one point in the concert, he noted that - at those times when you need to get an album out, and your deadline is looming, anything and everything becomes material.  Amazingly  his observational talents have led to striking stories in much of his songs.

Links - Winston Ackland/Bruce Lash

Hats off to Owl for bringing these two artist to DarkStar


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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kyle Bronsdon's First Book and New EP!

 Exciting News! 

Kyle Bronsdon (Live@Meatspace in Second Life) just released a new EP (his first LIVE release) and his first book.   

His book "One Bar at a Time" is based around his gigs, spanning from his recent experience on a cruise ship and all the way back to his 20s.  So if you want a look inside Kyle's head and heart there you go.   

The EP is called 'Live at the Tucson Folk Festival' and offers six intriguing tracks with minimal processing - so as to keep that natural feel of being there.   

His Facebook and web site offers some background:

Since I just received my download of the music and the book, I will be checking them out this week - and plan to showcase his work next Sunday on Slow Bake (May 24).  Words and Music!    

Saturday, May 16, 2015

School is out for Summer - Blue Skies abound

Soni at Oportu, Kansasan

"You should never never argue with the weather" - Effinjay.

....'tis the season to savor the tall green grass, scamping around the countryside barefoot, toes playing among the open fields, resting on a nearby rock or under a tree, especially on a lazy Sunday....that's my plan anyway.  Being a modern girl, I sat on a chair that happened to just be there.  Thanks SL!

Sundays, noon to 2PM SLT, power up your laptop and join me for Slow Bake on SL Live Radio.  You can listen anywhere on and off the grid.  Your favorite musicians in Second Life, plus our special focus this Sunday, for your listening pleasure:

This week I will feature Effinjay's (see prior blog) album (from 2013) titled 'Unconditionally,' of which I had already a few tracks in my playlist - now I have all 12 songs.   It is a beautiful collection, in message, voice, and instrumentation.  

So come with me this Sunday, bring your blanket, picnic basket and tune into Slow Bake as I feature these amazing guys - Frogg and Jaycatt, otherwise known as Effinjay.  So this week, I pick 'Unconditionally' as a classic that will span beyond Second Life's lifetime.

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In other news, The Follow is touring across the USA!   For upcoming dates, head to

Saturday, May 9, 2015

SL Music Wrap Up This Week

Let the pics tell the story.....of SL's live music scene.
Who did you listen to this week?  Here's who I heard?

1.  The Boom Pony  (Wednesday, May 6)

Frogg Marlowe with Jaycatt Nico injected humor and good tunes into our hump day.

2.  Following Effinjay, it was Anj Gustafson (aka Andrew Deal) rocking the stage at The Boom Pony.

3.  Thursday night, James Olmos (AcousticEnergy Nitely) played cross town at the Seaside Lounge...

4.  Saturday, I caught up with the versatile "torch" singer Maveen at Key West, who sings just about every genre in her unique style...

5.  Bel and I closed out our Saturday night listening to the cover band 'The Bloody Pirates' at Off The Rails....(with the venue owner on drums for the second half)...
Kris (lead vocals) of The Bloody Pirates)

Cleo Rabini

So many choices of musicians to listen to over the course of one day to one week.  We try to vary it every week.  

All and all, Bel and I finally retired for the night to get ready for my DJ show on Sunday - Slow Bake on SL Live Radio, 12-2PM SLT/PST.   Come join me at MistyFalls this Sunday or listen live online.  Bring Mom!  (In case you forgot, it is Mother's Day - give the gift of music!)

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Shameless Selfie Billboard

Okay, I have been talking about it, but I am going to actually do it - Buy some SL Billboard space and promote my radio show.   I have been collecting SL music for awhile, and really I think that all these great musicians should be promoted more, not just by streaming/playing their music - they need to be talked up, bragged about, as well as the venues, fans, managers, and media people that support them. I have some great ideas for billboards, give me some time.  This is just a start....

Thanks SL Live Radio for supporting SLOW Bake and the SL Music Community.  

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Land of Oz coming soon...

The long-awaited Peter Mroz (Pilgrim, originally in SL) will be released soon.   We know this, because Pete has said so on his Facebook page, and he has the cover art now.   Photo by Brett Warren and art work by Karen Cronin...

Sunshine and Slow Bake

Happy 'May' Thoughts....

I just came back from Galveston Island.   Feeling warm and cozy and ready for another edition of Slow summer approaches, that means plenty of concerts, good times, and lazy days.   I hope you take time out to enjoy the Live Music scene and check out Slow Bake, your show for SL's best musicians.  

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