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Saturday, May 16, 2015

School is out for Summer - Blue Skies abound

Soni at Oportu, Kansasan

"You should never never argue with the weather" - Effinjay.

....'tis the season to savor the tall green grass, scamping around the countryside barefoot, toes playing among the open fields, resting on a nearby rock or under a tree, especially on a lazy Sunday....that's my plan anyway.  Being a modern girl, I sat on a chair that happened to just be there.  Thanks SL!

Sundays, noon to 2PM SLT, power up your laptop and join me for Slow Bake on SL Live Radio.  You can listen anywhere on and off the grid.  Your favorite musicians in Second Life, plus our special focus this Sunday, for your listening pleasure:

This week I will feature Effinjay's (see prior blog) album (from 2013) titled 'Unconditionally,' of which I had already a few tracks in my playlist - now I have all 12 songs.   It is a beautiful collection, in message, voice, and instrumentation.  

So come with me this Sunday, bring your blanket, picnic basket and tune into Slow Bake as I feature these amazing guys - Frogg and Jaycatt, otherwise known as Effinjay.  So this week, I pick 'Unconditionally' as a classic that will span beyond Second Life's lifetime.

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