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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Roof is Back for This Week!

The Roof would have turned five years this week - so that's a good reason to celebrate, right?   Well that's the concept behind the anniversary concerts Monday and Wednesday!

Ganjo and Vinnie performed on Monday, and I caught two excellent shows.   I added Ganjo's music to my radio playlist for Sunday's show (12-2PM SLT) on SL Live Radio.  Check out Ganjo's web site,



Ling,owner of The Roof

Let's bring back The Roof!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Meatspace with Kyle Bronsdon

Kyle's Meatspace Lounge Piano's always special to drop into the virtual world to listen to Kyle's Americana-blues/jazz/classic rock-and all-round favs (in his smooth style) while at times his cigarette hangs off his lip in real life.  Pretty amazing, his coordination.   Catch him online streaming from his bedroom, while performing at his SL lounge.  The small crowd gathered around the piano under Kyle's spell, and others tuned into his online stream.
His musical variety is amazing - he is definitely the "piano" man as songs and ballads glide of his tongue and fingertips.  His show went two hours plus yet time flew by quickly.

And if you subscribe to his newsletter, you will receive four of his mp3 downloads -

  • All About The Burn – All About The Burn (2004)
  • I’m A Player (But I Ain’t Playin’ You) – Kitchen Swing (2003)
  • Kid Charlemagne – A Model Psychosis (2006)
  • This Broken World – The Adequate Kyle Bronsdon in Electrifying 3-D! (2012)
So head to his website to listen to his music!  (kyle 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Soni's Getaway!

Headed for the Southwest and some sunshine, but you are in good hands with all the DJs at SL Live Radio. 

Slow Bake is back Sunday April 19th! 

In the meantime...this weekend, SL Live Radio is debuting a new dj from Texas, who specializes in Love Songs, 10am-12pm SLT.   Tune in for more info....

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Bunnies and Slow Bake Radio with Soni!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter, or just stuffed your face with chocolate bunnies and eggs....or even pink champagne!   Any excuse will do....but remember everything goes better with SL Live Radio.

Belinda counseled me against the evils of overeating candy!
....while she drank away the afternoon.

Thanks again for listening to Slow Bake this Sunday!