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Sunday, September 21, 2014

And The SL Winner Is

The Grand Prize winner of the 2014 SL's Got Talent (SLGT)!

1st place - Bubbles
(Trinity Ermintrood)

2nd place - Luvofmusic Resident 

3rd place - Nazirah Avro 

 Listen to an excerpt of Bubble's performance when announced as winner.
Available on YouTube.
Nazirah, Bubbles & Luvofmusic

Honorable Mentions
Mark (Singingit2ya)


Congrats to all the contestants, organizers and sponsors 
for a competition well done for the second year. 
Jackie Lefko, SLGT Founder

Indea Vaher
MrCJ Riight
Linda Sautereau

Facebook -

SL Live Radio "Screenshots"

So Kara Trapdoor stopped by my show, Slow Bake, today at the temporary SL Live Radio studio in Second France.

Kara was dressed for "A Clockwork Spiral," a fundraiser for the National Kidney Foundation.   Impressive outfit - and I love to dress Steampunk, but this is one of the best I have seen so far.  Kara camped out for a spell at our studio, listening to the locally-based show (featuring SL musicians) while writing on her blog - Kara's Korner, Second Life Adventures.

Her Clockwork photos on her blog are stunning, and capture some of wonderful sights at the event.

Other than that, we all had a great time hanging out at the studio.  See you next Sunday, noon-2pm SLT, Second France.

Josiah Lee Baxter Live - Penumbra Fashion Week 2014


Sunday, September 21, 3PM SLT

Wrapping up the Penumbra Fashion Week is live performer Josiah Lee Baxtor!

More info,

SL's Got Talent - Finalists


The Judges voted for five (5) contestants to participate in FINAL ROUND:

Bubbles (Trinity Ermintrood)
Luvofmusic Resident 
Mark (Singingit2ya Resident)
Mizanah Resident 
Nazirah Avro 

It's getting down to the wire!  Round 2 is over.

Here they are - the 2014 SL's Got Talent (SLGT) Finalists! 

Bubbles (Trinity Ermintrood)
Luvofmusic Resident
Mark (Singingit2ya Resident)
Mizanah Resident
Nazirah Avro

The winner will be announced tonight 
7-8PM SLT, Sunday Sept. 21st.

Oooo the excitement! 

Follow the announcements via Facebook -

Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Talent Contest in progress

Link to details,

Another Wonderful Sunday in SL

What a glorious day!  Blue skies, temps in the upper 60s, lovin' it.   Okay that is RL, but I am feeling the chill in the air in Second Life too.   Autumn is always festive for me;  I feel it fast approaching.  

Thorn Andel & Esme Capelo (SL Live Radio CEOs)
I am excited about the soon-to-come big SL Live Radio party late Fall - an open house of our new studios!  Details soon.  In the meantime, hold your breath and hang on - just know something big is coming your way!

Sundays are always perfect for concerts.

Compliments of Mimi Juneau, the Sunday Concert in the Kitchen presented the fabulous Jaynine Scarborough in Dream State (240,71,22).  Look out for her weekend concerts by joining Mimi's group!

Rock Your Rack!

Throughout September, it's Rock Your Rack -  Fashion and Entertainment

Rock Your Rack 2014 is an annual event supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.   More than 65 designers are participating with exclusive designs for the event (and from those special items 100% of sales are flagged for the foundation).

Main Fashion Sim:

Here's the line-up of performers & djs,

Always something going on - check your SL Calendar for SL Live Music -
and listen Sundays to SL Live Radio's SLOW BAKE Noon to 2PM SLT for some of the best of SL's music scene, with yours truly.

Here's some photos from Sunday's show -

Kara Trapdoor
Bel & Soni

Thorn and Esme (with Lacy Muircastle in background)


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Standing UP! Sunday's Live Performers!

The Final Day!   Sunday, September 7th.  Here's the link to the line-up of today's performers at the premiere event Standing Up 2 Cancer,
Also going on today!  The 3rd day of Angel Manor concerts in the park.
Here's the schedule for today.

12pm SLT - Steely Decosta
01pm SLT - PhoenixJ
02pm SLT - Christopher Quan
03pm SLT - Sultry Sonata Masterson
04pm SLT - Tamra Hayden                                                                            

Angel Manor Estate (46, 221, 21)

Happy Times at Hippy Haven

Wow times flies.  It was just Monday, it seems. To be exact, September 1st, Labor Day - a holiday for Americans.   So Belinda and I sought out something fun, different, and memorable.

And that we did. We came across an SL calendar event that sounded intriguing - Fyrm Fouroux (a.k.a.  John Lewis Smith) at Hippie Haven.  Frym is an acoustic, indie artist.   We hadn't been to the place, nor had we heard him.   It all turned out to be a whoot!    Okay, Frym played in Arlo's Cafe to a comfortably-sized audience, just enough for everyone to have fun.


Fyrm Fouroux's originals sport lots of spice and wit.  His voice is charming (a British accent!), and the whole show is filled with eclecticity, loads of fun, and a bit - or a lot of - impromptu.   He is a singer-storyteller, performing mainly his own songs, aside from some covers.  You can pick up his music on  His web site, and his SL gig list is there too:

We also met Grimrod, the creator of Hippy Haven, a very cool 1960s themed beach community.    The photos tell some of the story, but you got to visit Hippy Haven and meet the friendly people who hang out there to feel the whole ambience.


'Til next time - Soni

 Hippy Haven @ Silver Sky (244,109,21)