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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earning My Lindens

I had the pleasure of attending the Atlas Club's 10 hour live music marathon this week, and got to wish co-owner Jasper a happy birthday. It was good times, and the jist of the story is on the BOSL blog, with a longer feature soon to be in print in the May issue of Best of SL Magazine (Society Pages). Mankind Tracer kicked off the event, and did a super job as would be expected for such talent. I bought his CD so - you can also expect some cuts from his album very soon. All good times on SL. It's great being an events reporter for BOSL, and sometimes I hate missing events when I am on the radio. But at least I get to tell you about them! I do get my share of events to cover, regardless, because the grid is always hopping if you know where to listen to find out what's going on - BOSL RADIO.

- soni :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend 2!!!

This is my 4th show on BOSL Radio!!!

I have had a busy week - what about you?! I have been listening to my BOSL radio all week! I checked out The Follow the other night, and they have a new album coming out in mid May. Here's my BOSL Blog on them!!!

Then I checked out CraigLyons Writer last night. What a fun, talented and down to earth musician (from LA). I will be reporting on a new project that he will release any day now in the BOSL May issue. The project involved this machinima filmmaker Rysan Fall (below) - that's is all I will say for now!

I also went to the Pop Art Lab grand opening of its new performance space. The story is blogged at Then I went on a boat ride nearly to my death with Kara Trapdoor.

And I managed to squeeze in some business. I also went to the Craig Lyons concert with Shock - look for him with the girl in the white dress way toward the back. LOL. So that was my week! I would love to hear about your Second Life! :)

- Soni

Sunday, April 11, 2010

BOSL Radio is such a Trip!

Ha! What a blast, you know. So many many talented djs. I blogged the grand opening on the BOSL blog. Well as for me....

I am still getting used to using a stream :). So please be patient. I was a spoiled radio personality who simply had to push the magic buttons, and music would appear, lol. But this is a blast. Sometimes you have to challenge yourself, right? Of course!