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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Addicted to Machinima

Here it is, what you've been waiting for, another Lowe Runo Production: Addicted to Machinima: A Machinima by Lowe Runo - with some green screen behind the scene snapshots, too. A Tribute to Robert Palmer,

Note These Events

This Week - STEAM 4 and more:

**London's Fashion Week at Hyde Park**
**Original Lyric Music Day at NAG (every Saturday)**
**Sunrise Mansion and Art Gallery 2nd Anniversary**
**Steam 4 - Steam Punk Hunt!!!**

For Details - Follow me HERE! What's Up Soni!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

NAD Live Music

So I when first heard about NAG Live Music on when I was checking out Strummer Vultee who regularly performs on Saturdays, 11am SLT. But really the whole day is devoted to original music - Original Songs Saturdays. I happened to catch the lovely Reis Alter. Check out her on her myspace -

NAG Live Music

The Original Strummer Vultee at Moonshines

Strummer Vultee on stage with his good buddy musician from Pensacola, Florida - Morton Shamen. The duo made sweet music on stage at Moonshines. Strummer's originals are amazing, and I have several cuts that I will feature (and rotate with the other amazing SL musicans/singers) on my BOSL radio show - Slow Bake, 11am SLT Saturdays.

A bit more about Strummer, click here. Or just enjoy the photos below of Strummer, Morton, the Strummer Dance Team (Melanie Easterling and Suzie Seiling), pretty in pink Hostess/GM CottonCandy Teardrop and the S/M fans!

Moonshines Rockin' Club, SLURL

Friday, February 18, 2011

Linden Love for Cancer Research

Shiran Sabra, owner of Two Moon Paradise, is gorgeous in her red gown. She had a special idea for universal LOVE Day - to generate cash for kisses. Haha. I mean, think about all the money that is spent by guys to keep their partners happy, and maybe vice versa. What is the value of a kiss anyway? LOL. I am teasing, but Shiran has this idea to make kisses count for something very very special - yes even more special. Kisses for a little Linden Love this Valentine's Day can go a long way to help Cancer research. Two Moon Paradise had four hours of dj entertainment, free drinks and roses, and plenty of kisses - in fact so many kisses, TMP raised 15K more than anticipated for its fundraising drive, with a final total of 25,000 Lindens. And a lot of that was from the kissing booth.

So that's a lot of love.

Two*Moon*Paradise, Always the best names in live music, so be sure to join their group or just drop by.

February 19th, its Damien Carbenell (6PM SLT) and The Follow (7PM SLT) at Coconut Rock.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two Moon Paradise's Special Valentine's Day

Now a message from one of our BOSL Radio sponsors - Two Moon Paradise. Details here on Whats Up Soni!

Star-Studded Night at Kenzies Thursday

AcousticEnergy's real life son performed his first full-length concert set at Kenzie's Thursday, February 10th. It was a star line up with Don Galaga, Chris Quan, AE, and then IT making it official. He's now among the many talented on the grid. As he performed live from his college dorm, his friends cheered him on - how cool. His manager is Sher Salmson of SpiritEntertainment, and she also represents Chris Quan and AE, among a slew of talent. Check out her profile when you go in-world next time.
Welcome IT!
Previous blogs on IT:
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- soni :)


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rock on


....Sooo it was Saturday night in Second Life. I decided to sample some of the clubs that I normally don't hang at. As it ended up I went rockin' at a few clubs, including Hot Stuff Biker Party Dock,

Then there's On the Rocks,
Featuring: upcoming radio events
Linkin Park Feb 5th 6pm
Stevie Ray Vaughan Feb 13th 6pm
Ladies Night Feb. 21st 6pm
Ozzy Osbourne Feb 27th 6pm
Daytona Bike Weekend March 5th and 6th
JimmyT49 Dukes March 5th 7pm
Nickeback March 5th 8pm
Metallica March 6th 6pm
Whitesnake March 20th 6pm

Then There's Rock'N'Heaven
Where I heard Rock Doghouse (above) singing live on piano at 6PM SLT to a packed house. He is an incredible songwriter and earthy singer/musician. Worth a listen most definitely. His words and voice will tug at your heartstrings.

:) Soni