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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hearing Thanksgiving Around The Corner

Happy and Thankful for Second Life music and listeners!

Thankful for all of you!  Listeners and lovers of SL Music!

Thankful for my longtime partner & hostess Belinda, always at my side, tuned it and turned on to Slow Bake!  Guiding my show and the friendliest gal I know!   Always warm greetings from Bel to anyone who drops into the show.

Bel, Thorn, and Esme

Thanks to Esme and Thorn for making this radio show possible - SLOW Bake is streamed from SL Live Radio, and we are stationed in Mad City (part of Mad Pea Productions).  Love you both!

Kara, thanks for being our number one listener!   Love ya!   Happy thanksgiving!

Josie, visit more!  It was great seeing and hearing you live on Slow Bake last Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone from a nation that somehow gets past all the turkeys that come our way!   Let's make Second Life great again!   It's the people, baby, that make us great!  The diversity that exists across the globe that is reflected in Second Life is what I love, and that is reflected in our virtual collective of musicians and singers, here to unite us through the passion that resonates from their performances.

Join us!  Thorn, Esme, and friends at Mad City!

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sweets Sounds from a Sweet Visitor!

Singer Josie Anderton dropped into Slow Bake!  She brought hubby George and good friend, the fashionable Bella to join the Slow Bake party at Mad City.  All we needed then was to add some Josie tunes to the mix, and we did!  Our good friend and model Ramsa joined us, and Patience and Timo came by to listen.  Of course, people were exploring Mad City all around us - and that is the fun of this location for our weekly show. 
'Is this the place?' asks Josie. 'Where's George?!'
Soni escorts George from the bus! 'Why didn't you take the limo!'

Bella (front and center); Josie, Ramsa and Hostess Bel (l-r)

But soon there would be a higher call that I had to honor -

I will be back, promise, next week - Slow Bake on SL Live Radio, Sundays noon!

Mad City Again - Ice Cream For SL Music

Here we go again - back at Mad City!   I love it here among all the creativity of Mad Pea Productions!  Plenty to do - shop, explore, and imagine while you listen to SL Live Radio!   Slow Bake drops in every Sunday noon to 2pm SLT live in Second Life. Catch me (Sonicity) and my host Belinda for the virtual radio show that has been featuring SL musicians and singers for more than 6 years now.

Join us today, and every Sunday, where every day is fun-crazy in this mad world, a break from the crazier real world, you could say!

Plenty of music and ice cream for everyone!   Indulge!

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mad Pea Halloween Horror Story (Closes Tonight)

It started out as just another Sunday.  This week was the first time we had broadcast live from Mad City. Kara Trapdoor (of blogger fame) reminded us that this was the final day of the Halloween Horror Story at Mad Pea.  So all three of us, Kara, hostess Bel and myself decided to do a live radio remote while playing the game.   It was beyond exceptional, and we all ended up getting separated, depending on our answers to the 'story' questions, but still each of us ended up surviving and winning an evil pig!  Quite a day, and I was certainly exhausted, but finished my radio show all the same! Thanks Mad Pea!


Saturday, November 5, 2016

Slow Bake at Mad City

SL Live Radio has a new location, and Esme and Thorn invited me and Belinda to check it out!   And we did!  So join Slow Bake at Mad City Sundays!  That's right, Mad City of Mad Pea fame.   We think we will hang here for awhile!  We have great neighbors too!

Join us Sunday for your favorite SL musicians and singers on Slow Bake, streaming from SL Live Radio.  Hang out with us while you dance and wander around Mad City.

You can also vote for SL Live Radio at its in-world studio at Mad City!
A vote for SL Live Radio is a vote for Slow Bake!  Here's the direct link,

To sample the SL music scene, join us Sundays, noon to 2PM PST/SLT in Second Life, or simply listen.  This IS Radio.   

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