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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Superbowl Sunday - Looking forward to Half-Time

Superbowl Sunday 52 at Soni's House!   I'll be watching - what about you?! I am looking forward to a Justin Timberlake win during the halftime show!

New Stream for Slow Bake

Dear Listeners,

You know how it goes - the Stones' tune "You can't always get what you want...." Honestly, I even have reservations about whether you can get what you need, even trying hard. There's always a condition.  Anyways, there is a point to this post. 

Thanks for the memories!  You can anticipate new ones from Slow Bake, and hopefully SL LIve Radio.  So please let me explain.

I have learned that you cannot do everything, and if you try, something will likely flounder.
I spent the week thinking over a lot of things, about the direction of Slow Bake, and whether I might be interested in buying SL Live Radio.   I was, and it breaks my heart not to do so.   Esme Capelo and Thorn Andel have created an amazing radio station, professional sounding and they have broadcast many amazing remotes.  They built a brand that represents quality radio.  To do all that, it takes a lot of creativity and time, and even money.  At this point in my life, and having had a long radio career in RL (and still working full-time in RL as well), I cannot personally invest my life into SL Live Radio.   Trust me, it tears me up.  Like many SLers, I am feeling the pangs of getting older, and having to be selective with my time choices.   I will be jealous of the next owner, and even if SL Live Radio continues as it is, I would be jealous that I missed this opportunity.   I am so glad that I had a glorious four years with Esme and Thorn, and all those who I met through them!  I will never regret their friendship and trust in my show.  

Slow Bake will continue...

I have enjoyed the past four years working with SL Live Radio, still going strong by the way. 
I am here today to tell you that there will be some changes soon to Slow Bake.  I will redirect you to my personal stream for my radio show within the next two weeks, and I will be looking for new ways to promote SL music at least in time for my anniversary edition, April 10th - when it all began 8 years ago in 2010, first on BOSL Radio and then 4 years later on August 10, 2014 - that's when I started a long run with SL Live Radio, who graciously took up my program on its stream (thanks Esme and Thorn). I reiterate, I appreciate their hosting of Slow Bake.  I am just a humble deejay who is happy with the music scene in-world.  


I have many fond memories of live music performances in SL, and remember getting to know some of the artists when I co-owned the club Chicago SL years ago.   That was my start!   Chicago was one of the first to stream musicians live, but then it got so complicated, and everybody wanted a piece of the action.  I keep trying to go smaller, lol, and always get caught in the spotlight.   Let's keep it on the music!   I am just an ex dj, who loves introducing people to talented artists and good music!  

As my listeners know, my focus is on SL musicians and singers who play inside Second Life.  I would like to expand that to other virtual worlds, but honestly as far as my virtual travels have indicated as of late,  SL is still the place for live music across the meta universe.   Prove me wrong, if you don't think so.  I am always on the look out for new music and artists! 

Long live 'live music' and SL Live Radio.

Hugs to Esme, Thorn,and all my loyal listeners - and Mad Pea for providing us virtual land to stream live from our studio there!