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Monday, April 30, 2012

Do I hear a Puddy Quan?

"It's one more night in Hollywood and it's been so long since I seen the ocean.  I think I should.....," sings Puddy, covering Long December by Counting Crows. Sher Salmson (above) has to have the most talented roster of musicians on her list.   I have known her for quite a few years, and it is so good to see her support of such talent.   Owner of Solstice Beach Coraline McConach was on hand to enjoy the tunes as well, greeting all as they arrived.

It's a Monday night, and Puddy's voice resonated through Tin Pan Alley.

A talented acoustic musician, his style is subtle, but edgy, then add honey.  Well, you just have to hear him yourself.   He's a Nashville musician who doesn't like to be boxed in, so expect a variety of music from Counting Crows to Dwight Yoakam to Dave Matthews.  Tin Pan Alley, known for blues, is a quaint club, with old style charm.  I enjoyed Puddy's set - contemplative, intelligent, and professional.

Tin Pan Alley

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Music and Magic in Second Life

 Two beautiful women graced the grid this weekend - the long-time favorite Gina Stella helping raise donations for RFL and Jami of Pandoria's MindGardens in Magic Valley.    BOSL Radio was live most of the day Saturday in Magic Valley.  See more photos at Whatsupsoni!

Gina Stella and her RL/SL partner musician Anek Fuchs were among the many performers for The SL Music "Relay for Life" this weekend at Key West Resort and Marina.  

 The event continues through Sunday. She was stellar in her performance as usual, and there was some chat in the audience about Chicago Jam 2012.  Stella and Anek were the founding musicians of that now annual event. If you would like to attend the June 22-24th jam, here's some details.

Key West Resort and Marina

Be sure to donate to Relay for Life this weekend - and whenever you can.

:) Soni

Friday, April 27, 2012

Metos Beaumont at Muddy's

Muddy's is one of those places that you can roll around and get dirty - but actually it is all clean fun.  It's just that you can relax and enjoy some great American music, and who better than a French guy Metos Beaumont to show us how it is done.  Okay, it is not all USA music - he's got some of the Brits in there, and some others as well.  He has a wide variety of music in his collection, so I am teasing the man.  I popped in to catch Metos' his first night at Muddy's.  He's moved recently to the USA, and so he's on my time zone, and I can hear his dj sets now.   It was the middle of the week, but Metos kept everyone happy - and dancin'

and he even threw in some incredible mashups of his own.

See you next time at Muddy's. Metos!
Muddy's Music Cafe, Isla del Estrella (227, 94, 23)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Whiskey A Go Go

Wishing Kalli  (a.k.a. Brandy) Happy Rez Day - her big day was over the weekend.  Mankind was there to perform and wish her well, along with so many others.   Good friend and manager of Mankind, Kalli was back on the dance floor Monday night at Whiskey a GoGo, a wonderfully cute venue.  Here's some pics you might enjoy!

(Be sure to pick up Mankind's latest CD - Underground - an incredible project!)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kicking off The Week

Let's look at the front end of this week through some amazing Second Life moments so far!  Monday, it was 4 years for Lingual Markus, founder of NYC's The Roof.   The theme was superheroes, and the main star was Ling himself.  At one point, Max Kleene, Stella and Rasp Rearwin took to the stage as a trio.

So I took off my Saturn Girl costume, and headed to DizzyLizzy's to catch LindiMoo the following night.   She performs Tuesdays, 7-8PM SLT.
Then Wednesday, it was a special night at SpiritFire Entertainment's new digs, an entertainment venue owned by Sher Salmson, manager for SL's finest musicians.  Tonight we heard Mandoaa Dragonash (above), and Sher was meeting and greeting with her usual charm and warm smile.

Watch for the venue's debut, coming soon.  For more info, check out Kara's blog. 

Above Bel & Kara, along with me.

And also coming up - THIS WEEKEND - Join me as BOSL celebrates TWO YEARS OLD and another successful year on the grid.  I have been with BOSL from the beginning, playing tunes from SL musicians - including our very own homegrown musicians.  Catch you at the BOSL Anniversary Weekend.  I am on the air at Egoisme on Sunday morning, 6-8AM SLT.  We kick off with our non-stop broadcast on Saturday, running through Sunday!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Two Second Life Chicks

Are you singing the chocolate bunny blues?  The sugar high is gone, but all those empty calories remain.  And, yet, all those wonderful creamy filled Cadburry Eggs that you could not afford beforehand are now 50 percent off!   In Second Life, they were calorie free (and taste free).

So if your waist did not expand to Easter Bunny proportions, then you still have some opportunity to snag those goodies at bargain prices at local retail outlet and get fluffy.

Of course, there's more to all this than tasty treats.   To me Easter/Passover and so many holidays are symbolic of our need to gather and celebrate the past with family and friends - old and new.   It's about acknowledging our continual desire for remembrance and renewal, and yes lots of good food.  It's a time of year when RL looks a lot like Second Life, with so many people running around like bunnies and eggs and chicks (from musicians to machinima makers to models to Mom).   It is a time when many musicians spend time with their RL families, enjoying the good company of those who don't yet get SL.  Plus SL has not mastered the sense of taste - I have licked my screen to no avail.  It's a time when we have to find something to do when some of our favorite musicians are not online to cater to our convenience.  There's always those musicians who see SL fans as their family, and take some time out to play as well.    We appreciate those artists as well as those who know the right thing is to stay away from the computer for a day or two. 

This holiday has come and gone, and another one will be on the way soon enough;  in the meantime I encourage you to think of ways you can spread some happiness to others in whatever world you happen to be.    And if you do buy some of those creamy bunnies and eggs at 75% off, remember swimsuit season is around the corner - but what the heck you can always look good at the ocean in Second Life. 

:)  Soni, back from RL

BOSL Radio was on break this weekend, preparing for our anniversary show this weekend!!!!  See Best of SL Magazine for April 2012 for my feature story on BOSL Radio and our wonderful family of deejays and managers.   I captured two informal pics from my photo shoot with Natzuka for the magazine.  I was told to dress wild, but I guess I was the only one who listened.   haha.