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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Happy Holidays! from Slow Bake Radio!

All I want for the Holidays is SL's music scene to continue to flourish in 2018.   Well I do want more than that, but it would be a good start to the year.

An ideal gift would be to support SL music by gifting it to your friends and family.  Support SL artists by buying their CDs or downloads.   It's a good way to let people from outside of SL become aware of the talent in-world

I am waiting for the latest CD from Kyle Bronsdon, who I had an opportunity to hear on Facebook last Thursday (and he also has a YouTube channel).  He still has his place in SL, but he was live streaming out of his mobile trailer somewhere in Cali last week.  As for SL, I don't know when he sings there.    But for a sure thing, catch him online weekly on FB and YT.   Bel and I used to hang out at his quaint venue almost every week a couple of years ago, and back then he had a nice SL crowd sitting and standing around his piano.

Here's a screenshot from last week.

Slow Bake features Kyle's music, and many SL artists, on most Sundays noon to 2PM SLT, streaming out of SL Live Radio, from Mad Pea's Mad City!

Listening details below!  I don't always work on holidays - and you shouldn't either, if you can help it!   :)

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, Slow Bake Listeners!

Be blessed this holiday season!   Enjoy breaking bread together with friends and family.   Belinda and I would like to wish you a safe and blessed holiday to all!   Sunday, we had fun at Mad Pea's Mad City, playing on the carnival boardwalk. I took Tom along, but I had to promise he was safe with us - and that we weren't trying to fatten him for T-Day! 

Mad Pea is tuned to SL Live Radio, 24/7!   Enjoy the top dance tunes on SL Live Radio daily, and on Sundays, noon to 2PM SLT, take a break with Slow Bake, featuring SL's  top musicians rolled into one show, noon to 2PM SLT.

Slow Bake is streamed by SL Live Radio

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Mad Pea's Mad City streams music from SL Live Radio, and every Sunday noon to 2PM SLT,
you can listen to Slow Bake - playing SL music from off the grid.  Slow Bake returns Sunday December 3rd.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Happy RezDay POL ARIDA! from Slow Bake Radio

Slow Bake wishes POL ARIDA the best on his 10th SL anniversary!   He is celebrating Sunday November 12th from 12PM to 1PM SLT.  Hear him live at

 For more info on his music and performances, head to his Facebook page or his web site,

To commemorate his decade of SL, I will be featuring his music today on SLOW Bake, streaming from SL Live Radio and its Mad Pea headquarters in Mad City. 

My host Belinda and I will do some live drop-ins from his POL's rezday celebrations to get you to join the party in honor on a top SL/RL musician - Pol Arida!   We will be posting pics later today from the event!

Join us!

Sonicity & Belinda!

Sundays, rain or shine, noon to 2PM, SLT!    Slow Bake on SL Live Radio!

Pol Arida, the birthday boy himself!

Pol Arida performing at the venue End of Time @Eotia

Soni and Bel dropped by for the show!

Slow Bake, streamed by SL Live Radio

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween 2017 - Clowning Around with Belinda

A picture is worth a 1000 words;   well need I say more, except here are some reasons to join us at Mad Pea's Mad City this weekend for the Halloween version of Slow Bake, streaming live from SL Live Radio.  Let the photos begin....

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Visit me and Bel, my always clown hostess and long-time SL partner, for this Sunday's 2 hour edition of Slow Bake, streamed out of the SL Live Radio's studios in Mad City,

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Another Show Closer to Halloween

Friday the 13th was non-eventful, the way I like it.   Sunday's show was the regular fare of SL artists from the grid!   Belinda was back to join me at Mad Pea's Mad City!   Slow Bake streams Sundays noon to 2pm SLT from SL Live Radio.   SL is getting ready for Halloween, only a few weeks away, but the ghosts, goblins and ghouls are arising all over the grid - and the SL Live Radio Studios are no exception.

Bel and I decided that we are going to continue our SL tour next week of businesses and public spaces that are tuned to SL Live Radio.  Please feel free to invite us to hang out with you - all you have to do is tune to SL Live Radio, Sundays noon to 2pm - for SLOW BAKE!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Solo Soni! Going Deep in the SL Tracks!

What do you do when it's just you and your music library!  Today, Bel has the day off, so I decided to mix it up with some old SL classics, from your favs from The Follow, SaraMarie Philly, Slimmie, Skye Galaxy, Blair Bond, Strummer, and so forth.   Two hours of the best in SL music.

Slow Bake's cooking up a feast for music lovers, streaming live from SL Live Radio! 

Join me - just drop by and chill for the tunes.  Maybe even spin a few records with me at Mad City, home of SL Live Radio's studios.

We leave the studio door unlocked!  Come on in!

Sundays, rain or shine, noon to 2PM, SLT!    Slow Bake on SL Live Radio!

Slow Bake, streamed by SL Live Radio

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

We Put The "Live" Back in Radio!

Slow Bake Radio streams live out of SL 'Live' Radio!    We are your local radio within SL Life, and more than that, your local radio station in the virtual world of Second Life.  We are community-centered, and believe that is important to feature SL singers and musicians that showcase their talents within SL.    We have a unique community surrounding SL Music, from the musicians, to venues to loyal listeners.

My show pays tribute to this community, by featuring music and information about SL talent, the businesses that support them, and connecting their fan base to SL and IRL events!

This blog tells you when and how to listen in-world, as well as anywhere in the world.

Visit me and Bel, my hostess and long-time SL partner, for this Sunday's 2 hour edition of Slow Bake, streamed out of the SL Live Radio's studios in Mad City,

Slow Bake, streamed by SL Live Radio,

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Slow Bake, Fall in Love with SL Music Again

Lovin the cooler weather!    Showtime is noon!!!! 
I love the nice chill in the air, taking walks around my home irl and in Second Life.   Even amidst the palm trees, late September is porch and walking weather, and yes even football weather - but don't let that stop you from tuning in today, noon to 2PM SLT (PST) for the best in SL music from your favorite singers and musicians across the grid.   I've rolled them up into one two hour show on Sundays.  It's called Slow Bake. I'm your dj and music guide, Sonicity Fitzroy, and my hostess is Belinda Barnes -  join us for another episode of 'Soni and Bel' in Mad City!

My focus this week, 'falling in love' songs!

Sonicity Live

Slow Bake and Sonicity air exclusively on SL Live Radio, Sundays.   Join us live in Mad City at our newly renovated studio. 


Slow Bake, streamed by SL Live Radio

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Post note:   You never know what might happen! Guess who made a special appearance at Sunday's live show - Carlos! - on Slow Bake!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Swinging and SL Singing - Slow Bakin on Sunday's

 Heya, Soni here with another edition of Slow Bake.   Just chilling to some SL tunes at my my little beach getaway. I like to mentally prep here before I take my show on the grid.  Most recently, Slow Bake streams out of Mad City from SL Live Radio's studios.   My hostess Belinda is recovering from the Irma blast last week, and so I don't know if she will make it today.   My heart goes out to all those impacted by the hurricanes as of late.   Check the local events sections of SL and IRL for how you can help.  
Today's show begins at noon, and runs through 2PM with the best of SL singers and musicians.  Join us at Mad City for another edition, to help get your mind off of real life, at least for while. Take care, and hope you can pop in for a bit, and see the Mad City improvements as well as our SL Live radio studio upgrades.
Slow Bake DJ 'Sonicity' at the recently upgraded SL Live Radio studios in Mad City!

Chillin' and Swingin' at home, gearing up for showtime!