Sonicity Radio featuring SL Musicians

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Swinging and SL Singing - Slow Bakin on Sunday's

 Heya, Soni here with another edition of Slow Bake.   Just chilling to some SL tunes at my my little beach getaway. I like to mentally prep here before I take my show on the grid.  Most recently, Slow Bake streams out of Mad City from SL Live Radio's studios.   My hostess Belinda is recovering from the Irma blast last week, and so I don't know if she will make it today.   My heart goes out to all those impacted by the hurricanes as of late.   Check the local events sections of SL and IRL for how you can help.  
Today's show begins at noon, and runs through 2PM with the best of SL singers and musicians.  Join us at Mad City for another edition, to help get your mind off of real life, at least for while. Take care, and hope you can pop in for a bit, and see the Mad City improvements as well as our SL Live radio studio upgrades.
Slow Bake DJ 'Sonicity' at the recently upgraded SL Live Radio studios in Mad City!

Chillin' and Swingin' at home, gearing up for showtime!