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Saturday, September 2, 2017

SL Live Radio's New Mad Pea Location

Overview of Mad Pea MadCity
SL Live Radio's new location in Mad Pea
Mad Pea renovated, and then so did SL Live Radio!   The station is still located near Draxtor's World Makers, and our studios have been nicely upgraded!  Come see for yourself the new look for Mad Pea Mad City, and while you are there visit the radio station.

I'm excited about streaming from the new location on Sunday.  As you know, Sundays' are for Slow Bakers, noon to 2pm SLT;  that's when you can hear the best in SL music streamed from SL Live Radio throughout Mad Pea.

The show Slow Bake features SL musicians on SL Live Radio, rolled up into 2 hours of music and conversation (about the SL music scene) with me Sonicity as your DJ, and Bel as my hostess.

Hostess Bel and 'Slow Bake' DJ Soni
DJ Sonicity Fitzroy
Inside SL Live Radio's studios
Belinda's ready for another edition of Slow Bake on SL Live Radio!
Bel's jumps in the driver's seat to spin a few records!

The Facts!

Slow Bake, streamed by SL Live Radio

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Slow Bake is streamed by SL Live Radio on Sundays, noon to 2pm SLT.