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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Happy Rez Day to BOSL CEO Frolic Mills. Lots of entertainment, but I was covering another story and arrived in time to hear Mankind Tracer's awesome set and his B-Day song to Frolic! I never got to take a good pic of Frolic. I crashed every time I tried. Then when I returned his head was all gray. I mean, you don't take a photo like that of your boss, and expect to stay hired. I have a glimpse of him from the back (top photo, look to extreme right). I hate to included any gray images, but this event was special - so I made an exception.

Seriously, it was fun times! Once after I crashed, I came back to a half-naked husband. I said what's the deal? Shock said, "Hey, it's a half-naked party." I looked around - I guess it's like that Nelly song says, "It's getting 'Hot in Herre' so take off all your clothes." Well half were half dressed, and the other half were dressed in gorgeous gowns and attire! I would not remove those either!

Enjoy the few pics I took. As for half naked men, there's my Shock who is 3rd photo from the top, followed by Mankind.

- All with love, soni! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sci Fi Soni

I had the weekend off from BOSL Radio because I had a bit of Space Travel to do. In between my RL, I visited a couple of cool sites - Hangars Liquides (134, 137, 2) and Sylverbird (142, 183, 3169). Kara Trapdoor, our guide (BELOW), showed us some romantic pose balls (we will try another time).

Well - I will be back soon on BOSL Radio - for now, I have a rocket to catch. :)

- Soni

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Balgaar's recommendation!

I took the night off from events reporting for BOSL! So I spent Friday night at CYD. Our friend Balgaar Mubble invited us to hang out at what he considers to be one of the "nicest" clubs, especially concerning the good nature of the owners and management! Great PixelDolls store nearby too. So you can dance and then cam & shop. :) It's called multi-tasking. I guess not unlike when Shock watches the SciFi channel when we go clubbin. HaHa. When he wasn't paying attention, I spent $4000L by buying out the stores; I guess all is good!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Soni's AMAZING Anniversary Weekend!

A few pics from last night. First Shock and I went to the amazing grand opening of the UWA-BOSL Amphitheatre, listened to the amazing Mankind Tracer, and then we went off for our own AMAZING party on the rooftop of my Soni store in SL Chicagoland.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Big Apple

Soni took a bite out of the big apple last weekend. I blogged my night in SL New York - all this happened after my Sunday BOSL radio show, lol. The top photo is a crowd shot of the new NYC's club, Shhh!, owned by our very own BOSL Radio DJ Vixie Durant (in the cones). It was Madonna night - and this Saturday is GAGA night. I can't wait. I popped in and about New York and might do the same this weekend.

So anyway, here's the Big Apple story! The rest of the story is in the June issue of The Best of SL Magazine. (Psst, you do know the May issue is out, and it is filled with lots of events coverage). I also attended a cool mixed reality concert at Pop Arts Lab and then a series of events at Celebrate Arts, but that will be in the June issue as well.

If you let me know about your event, I will try to report on it.

- Soni :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

For Your Entertainment

For Your Entertainment! That's the name of Adam Lambert's title track to his new album. Wow, that is what we need sometimes, a time to cut loose. It's good to take to escape even in SL, for some of us who have SL and RL jobs. LOL. Right? Well I did some dancing last night with my RL/SL Shock Soderstrom. But today back at work on BOSL radio, all is good. I heard some cool tunes I might add to my playlist.