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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Happy Rez Day to BOSL CEO Frolic Mills. Lots of entertainment, but I was covering another story and arrived in time to hear Mankind Tracer's awesome set and his B-Day song to Frolic! I never got to take a good pic of Frolic. I crashed every time I tried. Then when I returned his head was all gray. I mean, you don't take a photo like that of your boss, and expect to stay hired. I have a glimpse of him from the back (top photo, look to extreme right). I hate to included any gray images, but this event was special - so I made an exception.

Seriously, it was fun times! Once after I crashed, I came back to a half-naked husband. I said what's the deal? Shock said, "Hey, it's a half-naked party." I looked around - I guess it's like that Nelly song says, "It's getting 'Hot in Herre' so take off all your clothes." Well half were half dressed, and the other half were dressed in gorgeous gowns and attire! I would not remove those either!

Enjoy the few pics I took. As for half naked men, there's my Shock who is 3rd photo from the top, followed by Mankind.

- All with love, soni! :)