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Monday, June 7, 2010

Reading, Writing and Radio

It was totally cool to see so many media people turn out for my book launch party on Sunday, June 6th. I didn't have time to take pics during the day - Imagine that, lol. But I do have pics from BOSL Radio's live remote there, with Sunnshine Koolhoven, deejaying. There were some jokes about Soni and Sunni teaming up for a radio show -
I would like that!

AVIEW TV's Sophie Yates caught the events!
First, there's the media tour:

Then we had a media screening of some of various media works, followed by a keynote by BOSL Media King Frolic Mills and then I said my thank yous (same video after Frolic) to the many people included in the book - and the friends I have met along the way. Many thanks to SL Enquirer CEO Lanai Jarrico for this kind article (Movers and Shakers) on the event.

AcouticEnergy's concert was recorded too - look here!

All in all I great day!
Here's a few pics of what I wore for the opening ceremonies!

And my good friend and biz partner (Lowe Runo Productions LLC) created a portrait of me - immortalizing my special moment in that luscious gold dress.

And here's what I wore for the party! Thanks to PRISM CEO Journey McLaglen. Journey is definitely a fashion artist! Beautiful work!

Thank you so much to Maxes Loon, CEO of Moolto, for helping me with my book launch. So many people came to support me, and we had fun with the all day activities. Special thanks to BOSL Radio CO-CEO Persia Bravin, Machinima Artist Guild Founder Lowe Runo, BOSL CEO Frolic Mills, Famous Blogger Kara Trapdoor - and of course the wonderful Chicagoland SL CEO Shock Soderstrom, my RL husband/SL Partner.

Here's some post event photos to check out:

* * *

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