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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

News Flash, Crazy Woman on Ski Slopes

Belinda Barnes is back in the news. the woman formerly known as virtual Marilyn, and the hit of the children's story book classic A Steambook Classic (info later in this blog) was caught in this rare film footage that coincidentally she shot and edited herself.  Watch below.....
For higher quality, go to her vimeo site.

Season's Greetings.

:) Soni

*     *      *     *       *

A Steampunk Classic: The Adventures of Bel and Soni
Hard copies are available in Second Life at
Lowe Runo Productions LLC on the Island of Fame
A Flickr in Time Gallery

see prior blog for more information.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

BOSL Radio, the super station that it is, came in as the hometown favorite in the Avi Choice Awards 2011.  The station staff is taking a well-deserved break in real life over the holiday season.

So I found a way to occupy my time - by creating a children's book as my Christmas card to you all.   A Steampunk Christmas:  The Adventures of Bel and Soni.

Enjoy.   - And Happy Holidays to all, whatever you celebrate this time of the year or on a daily basis.   :)

Special thanks to dear friends who helped - Kara Trapdoor, Lowe Runo, and the lovely actress Belinda Barnes - starring in her role as Bel - the steampunk teen!   Below, her tribute photo to Marilyn Monroe.

The versatile actress is featured in this soon-to-be holiday storybook classic.  There she is on the cover - with Soni.  

Catch Bel on Flickr (Bel's World) and around the Second Life grid. 

Sonicity Fitzroy on vacation in REAL LIFE.   Yes, I do have one and like it! 

Happy Trails!

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Lot Like Christmas

Her name is Annan Dreamscape.  Her voice is lovely, and she carries a note and herself well.  She is comfortable with her audience and interacts well.  I had the pleasure of listening to her sweet sounds, with her accompanist Norith Westland.

Being this is the holiday season, her voice is a joy to listen to for all the classic holiday tunes.  But that aside, Annan does a wonderful Adele!  Some of her recent adds include tunes from Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaelson, and Rumer.   She's worth the time!  I caught her at For The Love of Music,

After Annan, I hopped over to Key West to hear Dark Shoreland (a.k.a. Troy Shoreland of The Follow fame).   It was a great hour set, as to be expected with the usual FOLLOWERS as well as others.   Key West was decorated festively, and the venue was packed. 

I caught some pics of Jenna Dirval, AJ Darkwatch, Powers Avon, and even the Retropolitan Editor Phideaux Mayo, among others.

Note that this Saturday, your favorite live musicians will be performing Christmas and Holiday favorites at Key West,
(Click on image below for larger view.)

Yours truly,

Sonicity and Belinda

Merry Christmas 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Grand Opening of Sediments

When it comes to rockin' the grid, it's Sediments.  Okay, so sort of a pun.   After months of preparation, a  new dance club provides another option.   The Sediments DJs offered up an interesting mix of underground music throughout Friday night, with DJ Delish Kellish D igniting the big G.O.  The venue promises a variety of industrial, punk, EBM, rock, dark cabaret, dub step, techno, psy, trance, hip hop, aggrotech, etc.   The second dj set, by Germany-based Simor McMillan, featured some alluring alternative beats to complement and complete the late night in Second Life.  I didn't anticipate hanging around through two dj sets.  But I did.  Quite a few people checked out the club, and the staff was in full force, interacting with everyone, for its grand opening.  

The surroundings - all holidayish - offer some photo opps and some eclectic shopping.   It's just a worth a visit or two, and the staff is wonderfully hospitable.   I don't really want to categorize Sediments;  it's going to grow into its identity.   It will be interesting to go back now and then to check on it.

And there's even public restrooms with a bit of graffiti.

It's the extras that sometimes make the difference;  nearly clean restrooms.  All kidding aside, with such a committed staff, it is likely to stay around for awhile, or as long as they want to, given that there are some creative types involved in putting together this venue. 

Every now and then, I like to recommend some non-live music venue options.  Sediments is located on Mystic Isles.   

The Staff on opening night included:
Sediments DJs:  Founder/Co-owner Delish Kellish D (Kelandra Shoreland) and Simor McMillan (also builder).  Sediments Host (Co-owner) Lillith (Lillithmei Heron) was there to the end!

Thanks to Belinda Barnes everyone got fire torches and some glow rings!

Catch ya later,