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Thursday, March 31, 2011

AE at Kenzie's

Sonicity on the live music scene. This is HOT off the press. Bringing*in*the*weekend*early, AcousticEnergyNitely performed to a adoring crowd. In the last half of his show, he was in a dancing mood, and invited anyone who wanted to join him on the couples' pose balls to do so. He danced first with the lovely green Elphaba Thibedeau (off to the right side) and then the vivacious Aspen Huntress. Then Andris Janus asked him to dance. So off they went doing the more manly dances, LOL. Well AE did say, whoever wanted to dance with him. He dedicated Daniel (Elton John) to Andris. AE, continuing to dance with Andris, said as he introduced his last song, an original I Fall Into You, that he would be thinking of a woman, uh-mm rather than Andris. It was all in fun, and Andis could have selected a slow dance noted AE. After the show, I had an opportunity to speak with Andis, and he said that he had never met AE before this night, and mentioned that he just "seems like a very nice person." And I will add, fun, too! You never know what might happen at his shows!

AE, always bringing friendship, laughter, good times, and of course talent to the grid during his shows. Join AE at Kenzie's every Thursday, 8PM SLT.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2-6pm SLT
Place: Giana Factory Stage, Pop Art Lab
Schedule here.

BOSL Radio nearly one year ago!!!

BOSL Radio turns ONE on Sunday April 10th! Here's some of the fun on the Best of SL blog, by Editorial Clarity. Stay Tuned for more details.
The celebration weekend is April 9th-10th, kicking off Saturday, noon SLT.
BOSL Radio's Live DJs are on hiatus to prepare for the big event! But the radio is still always playing your favs, and the clubs are still going strong, LIVE on BOSL.

photos from the BOSL Radio beginning!

The Weekend is Here!!!!

Sonicity-here-at-the-Dirty-Martini-listening to Al Velvetleaf (second photo from the bottom) doing covers from rockers Billy Idol, Queensryche, Santana, Journey, etc. to a packed club at the Dirty Martini!!! The line-up began with Hogan Bailey, followed by Al Velvetleaf, Zoree Jupiter (black hair, center), Lighthouse Mixmaster (top pic), and Wolfie Moonshadow.

Owner Venus Panthar (blonde, center) was on hand, dancing away, and greeting the crowd.

***The Dirty Martini***

Friday, March 18, 2011

VWBPE Conference

The-Virtual-Worlds-Best-Practice Conference continues through March 19, 2011 - here's the schedule:

I presented with filmmaker Lowe Runo as part of a machinima talk series. Here's a few snapshots. Catch the last day of the conference!

Enjoy - Soni :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Music Oxygen at Secret Garden

Owners of Secret Garden make lovely music together, and they have created a venue that is rich with vibes. On this late Thursday nite, Music Oxygen performed live from Houston to a comfortably sized audience - a few couples dancing, and the rest swaying to the mellow vocal/acoustic sounds of the duo - Music Oxygen and Kat Rose. Kudos to the selections. Damien Rice's Blower's Daughter was superb, and it was followed with classic Lightfoot. KatRose did an excellent rendition of Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi. That is just a sampling of the evening fare. The Kat Rose Secret Garden of Live Music.

Digby Smalls at Key West

Key West with Digby Smalls, playing everything from Lady Antebellum to Nirvana to Floyd to Three Doors Down (my favorite, Let Me Be Myself), to a full house. Just a nice mellow Thursday night on the grid with the smooth sounds of Digby.

I will be adding a song (In Between Dreams) from Digby to my show Slow Bake this Saturday on BOSL-Radio. Remember you can visit me live 11am to Noon, SLT at Renaissance Galleria at the outside studios in the heart of the fashion district, but in the sky!

:) Sonicity


Fat Tuesday Second Life Style

The Cup of Goodness Coffee Shop had a little Madri Gras celebration, along with so many places in Second Life. After some stimulating conversation at COG, I ended up at Hotlanta, but it doesn't matter where you celebrated - just that you had a chance to dress up and play - with someone!

:) Soni

***** Locations
**Cup of Goodness

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lazy Afternoon at Coconut Rock


Saturday afternoon at Coconut Rock at Two Moon Paradise. Gabryel Nyoki and AcousticEnergy performing. Shiran Sabra, owner, always a joy to talk with, brings some of the best acts to her venue. She's chilling with Gabryel at one point at the foot of the stage while AE performs.

Just another great time with the good people of Two Moon.

:) Soni