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Thursday, March 31, 2011

AE at Kenzie's

Sonicity on the live music scene. This is HOT off the press. Bringing*in*the*weekend*early, AcousticEnergyNitely performed to a adoring crowd. In the last half of his show, he was in a dancing mood, and invited anyone who wanted to join him on the couples' pose balls to do so. He danced first with the lovely green Elphaba Thibedeau (off to the right side) and then the vivacious Aspen Huntress. Then Andris Janus asked him to dance. So off they went doing the more manly dances, LOL. Well AE did say, whoever wanted to dance with him. He dedicated Daniel (Elton John) to Andris. AE, continuing to dance with Andris, said as he introduced his last song, an original I Fall Into You, that he would be thinking of a woman, uh-mm rather than Andris. It was all in fun, and Andis could have selected a slow dance noted AE. After the show, I had an opportunity to speak with Andis, and he said that he had never met AE before this night, and mentioned that he just "seems like a very nice person." And I will add, fun, too! You never know what might happen at his shows!

AE, always bringing friendship, laughter, good times, and of course talent to the grid during his shows. Join AE at Kenzie's every Thursday, 8PM SLT.