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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Beat Goes On

The Coming of Age Party! 

SL Music Fest continues Sunday, June 26!  

'All around me are familiar faces' - Mad World

Screenshots from Cale's music video

Starting the afternoon line-up is talented Zachh Caleif you have not heard him yet, you will be pleasantly surprised at his magnificently warm, but strong vocals, and piano prowess.  He's opened for Seth Regan (Mankind Tracer) and performed alongside many of the SL greats!  Listen to his cover of Mad WorldAs the song says, in a sense, we are all "children waiting for the day they feel good, happy birthday, happy birthday" to all of us.   He kills it here:

Zachh delivers passion to the lyrics, which fit with the coming of age of Second Life.  All the people we have met, loved and lost in SL become part of our strange world.  Even when we move on, the memories remain.  SL musicians like Zachh bring us that passion when they perform. 
Zachh is represented by Whispering Sands Promotions; learn more about him:

Sunday-afternoon, the festival features:  
4PM               Zachh Cale  
4:30PM          Mavenn 
5PM               Shannon Oherlihy
5:30PM          Ambrosia Kamala

6PM               Effinjay
6:30PM          Spiral Sands
7PM               AMForte Clarity
7:30PM          Psiquence 

Other weekend performers (June 24-26th) have included JueL Resistance, Phoenix J, Taka Coeur, Tempio Breil, Engrama, Zoz Quandry, Oblee, Evely Lane, Toxic Darkmatter, Jerry Angel, Paul Nowles, Tzaryna Gracemount, (The Vinnie Show) Acoustic Rhapsody. 

Remember your music roots this weekend!
All times SLT @ SL13B Stage Left

Remember as well, Sunday 2PM, as a separate event, Seth Regan presents the Celebration of Life in honor of Brandy (Kalli Birman) at Key West.   Details on a prior posting

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Second Life's 13th Anniversary Begins!

How time files!  I am not quite the teenager;  I will be 10 years old soon.  Yet, SL has been a major part of my life since I arrived in 2006.   I have dear friends here, and much of my RL work springs from here.   I have experimented with building, fashion, machinima, storytelling and journalism as well as so many forms of creativity in SL.   I have hosted a radio show for more than 6 years in Second Life.   

The official SL 13B celebration begins NOON SLT today!  Sunday, June 19th!   The actual birthday is this Thursday.  The details can be found here:

This Sunday, I will be playing an unofficial tribute show to SL musicians who have shared their talent with us, both long-timers and newcomers.   It's another historic edition of SLOW Bake on SL Live Radio this Sunday.

Also, Happy Father's Day to real and SL Dads!   To me, it's all real!

Join me and hostess Belinda Barnes for Slow Bake as we celebrate SL's birthday, dad's day, and being one big happy SL family!

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Seth Regan's Celebration of Brandy's Life - RESCHEDULED FOR JUNE 26th

Slow Bake on SL Live Radio has featured many SL musicians and among those greats is Seth Regan (formerly known as Mankind Tracer).  I have blogged him in my own columns, wrote about him for Best of SL Magazine, and attended his numerous shows, as many as I could.  Beside him through his many SL performances was his manager Brandy (Kalli Birman).  She was the go-to person, fun, friendly, helpful, and caring.    She contributed to the SL music scene, and to everyone's life in small and big ways.   She passed away last week, after having bravely battled cancer.  Her story is best shared by her longtime friend, musician Seth Regan, who will return to SL to pay tribute to her life at Key West.  Come prepared to remember the good times.   Let's honor SL music through her life, for she indeed was a big part of it.

Jot down Sunday June 26th, 2PM in your SL Calendar.  That's the rescheduled date for the 'Celebration of Life' in honor of a wonderful woman who many of us knew as core to the SL music scene.  

It is times like these that Second Life is truly a community.  We are not merely icons, personas, avatars - but let us acknowledge how real and fragile we are, and how together we are a collective entity that can change the world!

Seth Regan has shared a statement on his Facebook regarding the rescheduling and the significance of this event.  Donations are welcomed to help her children.   


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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Featuring - The Wind - POL Arida's New Download!

One of my favorite RL/SL artists Scotland's POL Arida kicked off June by releasing the track "The Wind. "  Drop it as a download from the site

POL Arida's music will sweep you away into an amazing soundscape, framed by his talented producer Willie Logan.   This track features the haunting voice of Amanda Lyon.   That's why I will be featuring "The Wind" this Sunday on Slow Bake as well as other POL Arida tracks.

Watch the video for 'The Wind' (POL Arida - Willie Logan, FT Amanda Lyon)

Thank POL for another powerful tune and artistic song/video.  His voice, while unique to his own style, is reminiscent (at least to me) of Springsteen.  Perhaps he is Scotland's Boss.    I do know he is certainly one of our best in SL.  You can connect to POL Arida on Facebook to review/download his tracks, watch videos and for info on his gigs; there you can also access the accomplished sounds of Willie Logan, producer, singer, and guitarist. 

As I prepared this blog entry, I listened to Arida's music, as well as some of Logan's covers.   Great stuff!     I would love to hear more from Amanda Lyon too.    

Catch "The Wind" on Slow Bake this Sunday, noon to 2pm SLT, SL Live Radio!  
noon to 2pm SLT.   

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