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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Seth Regan's Celebration of Brandy's Life - RESCHEDULED FOR JUNE 26th

Slow Bake on SL Live Radio has featured many SL musicians and among those greats is Seth Regan (formerly known as Mankind Tracer).  I have blogged him in my own columns, wrote about him for Best of SL Magazine, and attended his numerous shows, as many as I could.  Beside him through his many SL performances was his manager Brandy (Kalli Birman).  She was the go-to person, fun, friendly, helpful, and caring.    She contributed to the SL music scene, and to everyone's life in small and big ways.   She passed away last week, after having bravely battled cancer.  Her story is best shared by her longtime friend, musician Seth Regan, who will return to SL to pay tribute to her life at Key West.  Come prepared to remember the good times.   Let's honor SL music through her life, for she indeed was a big part of it.

Jot down Sunday June 26th, 2PM in your SL Calendar.  That's the rescheduled date for the 'Celebration of Life' in honor of a wonderful woman who many of us knew as core to the SL music scene.  

It is times like these that Second Life is truly a community.  We are not merely icons, personas, avatars - but let us acknowledge how real and fragile we are, and how together we are a collective entity that can change the world!

Seth Regan has shared a statement on his Facebook regarding the rescheduling and the significance of this event.  Donations are welcomed to help her children.   


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