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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Come and Get It!

Hiya!  Holiday Season is upon!   But the show goes on!

It's Slow Bake Sundays on SL Live Radio...

Noon to 2PM, your favorite SL Musicians, all in one show, wrapped up like a holiday present, with yours truly as the big bow keeping everything together.   Does that make sense?

Join me live, Misty Falls,


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Evening at Key West

Less than a month ago, Phemie Alcott (a.k.a. Kate Clark) released an EP with three new tracks!   I just picked up a copy and added them to my Slow Bake playlist. 


She performed incredibly well as usual tonight as usual - brilliant cover renditions as well as her own originals.   She played to a full house at Key West! - followed by my good friend James Olmos (AcousticEnergy Nightly).    James tried his hand at "All of Me" and did a super take on it, promising to learn it fully.  He did a dang good job at his first try, calling it a "teaser" of more to come.
SL is a wonderful place to spend a Sunday night - and Key West makes it even better by bringing us so much talent, some of which I like to share on my radio show Sundays.

See ya around the grid with my pilot Belinda!  Time flies when you're having fun!

New Adds to consider....

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sundays on SL Live Radio

This Sunday - Tune into SL Live Radio for at least two reasons -
1. DJ Cupric Router's Musical Mystery Tour, 10AM-12PM SLT
2. Sonicity's Slow Bake, 12PM-2PM SLT

Join DJ Cupric at Journeys 
@ Facon (58,216,24)

Esme Capelo, co-founder/CEO of SL Live Radio, drops into both shows regularly - with always a fashion statement.   Belinda Barnes is a regular fan of Slow Bake, and not just because she is Soni's co-conspirator/partner.
 Catch the vibes at
Join me at Studio 2, Misty Falls,

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Follow Returns to SL This Friday!


Catch up with The Follow 
The Band returns to SL at The Ruins for their first concert after a two-year hiatus.
AJ, Troy and Matt will be performing a few sneak previews from their new LP "K,"
dedicated to Troy's brother Kent.

Check this blog for past posts, as well as The Follow's Facebook page and web site for additional info.

Showtime:  Friday 21 November 2014 at 6pm SLT/PST (8pm CST)

Listen at

Join in Second Life at The Ruins www.TheFollow.SL

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Peter Mroz (Pilgrim) performing in SL

Just a quick note - Peter Mroz (Pilgrim) is performing 7pm SLT Sunday night at The Bass Note.  He's been doing a lot of RL performing so this is a treat.   Catch him,

He's got a new album coming out soon,

Be Thankful for SL Music

Tusko Okey performed another great show at Solarwinds this week.  The signage seemed fitting as we reflect on 2014 - let's be thankful for live music in Second Life - and continue to support our venues and musicians.

Belinda and I enjoyed the show - and I had some camera fun as well.   The show was incredible and it is difficult to capture his impromptu way of performing via a single.  You are better off to just go for a whole show, and get into the flow.
If I do get a few of his songs that do him justice, I will definitely add him to my show, Slow Bake (Sundays, noon to 2pm SLT, SL Live Radio).

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Keep posted on the SL Live music scene

For happenings -

What's New - New Adds on Slow Bake

The latest in music news from around the worlds...SL and RL

The Follow's Return to SL at The Ruins

The Follow Returns to SL at The Ruins Friday 21 November 2014

Here it is.   The Follow's return to Second Life show.   The band has been in rehearsal this month, and they promise to give a sneak preview of some of their new music during this special performance.   The album, K, will be released circa December 1st, with a projected full album show around mid-month in time for the holidays.   The first track Thousand Days of Bravery was released to fans on November 2nd.  Keep up with The Follow on Facebook.

I interviewed the band Friday evening for a December feature in Best of Second Life Magazine. Excepts of the interview will be aired and also posted on this blog as we get closer to the first show and album release.

- Soni!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Following 'The Follow" - Let the Countdown Begin

- Music News Flash -

They're back....

Amy Rickertsen

Troy Rickertsen

Mat Matlack

The Follow is about to release a new album.
Its fan base is already receiving the first single off the trio's new LP.

Powers Avon (Mat) hooked me up to the single last night.  It rocks - it's the band's best to date - encapsulating all that they have experienced on their life journey.  Powerful vocals, lyrics and instrumentation.   It's all there.  The cover art for the specially released single captures the struggle and a sense of moving on, overcoming, yet remaining aware of the steps taken along the way.   Good stuff.   Let's say, if this song is any indication of the rest of the tunes - it's iconic of rock and roll - what makes it relevant to every day people, timeless and heroic through its simplicity and raw emotion.  This Midwestern trio defines the heartland music as it should be;  all roads lead here.
The Follow has found its destination. 

The Nov. 2nd released track - Thousand Days of Bravery - will debut on SLOW BAKE on SL Live Radio this Sunday, November 9th.   Tune into the station from noon to 2pm SLT to catch the band's first single off its soon-to-be-released album.

I am coordinating interview time with the band for my show.    That date has not been set yet (fingers crossed) - but I will play the first single of the new album this Sunday!  

You gotta understand this is a hectic time for the band, in the midst of an album release and rehearsal.

The band is in rehearsal getting ready, for what I believe, will be a near-the-end-of-the year fantastic show in Second Life.  No dates have been confirmed for the album release or forthcoming concerts.

In fact, check out their site for daily info on The Follow's first "return" show -
venues can enter to win it.  Details on their site:

In anticipation, I am dedicating the music of this blog to The Follow.  You will notice a music chart near the top right of this blog's column - just touch it, and viola you will hear continuous The Follow music until the new album is released.   Look for the actual tuner on the top right side of this blog.

Here's the image -  

When you find it, touch it to play, but sorry it won't let you download the tunes.   Support The Follow via CD Baby, iTunes, and other music outlets. Check out The Follow's web site for free downloads.

So enjoy the old, as the band brings you the new in time for 2015.

For now, following The Follow! 

Yours Truly,

"Slow Bake"
SL Live Radio

Slow Bakin' Sundays

You caught me!   Just finished up another Sunday of SL Live Radio with Soni!

Thanks all for listening today to Slow Bake.  What a fantastic show at Studio 2, and so many tuned into the station via the stream.   Some joined us from DJ Cupric's show at Journeys that precedes me, 10am-2pm SLT.   Anyway a wonderful group.   Thanks to Esme and Thorn for all their support.

I was so busy with the tunes and such, that I didn't hardly take any pics - and missed the opportunity to show your pretty avi faces on this blog.   I had a hard enough time learning how to pronounce the diversity of names of all the guests.  Come back next time, and I will be better at that.

Hope to see you next week.  Or just tune into the show on our blog or stream - and learn about the wonderful music talent on the grid.  Be sure to do some listening for me too, and let me know if there is some one I should add to my roster of SL musicians featured on Slow Bake.

'Til next time.

Slow Bake, noon to 2pm SLT
Studio 2, Second France

Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Haunting Reminder - Good Radio is Fun

Only a week after SL Live Radio launched its new studios, Thorn Andel and Esme Capelo, founders, threw a Monster Bash.

Bel (left) & Sonicity (right)

Yours truly spin some SL favorites from local musicians for about an half-hour, and DJ Thorn and Jamey handled the reigns for the most part.


DJ Jamey
Esme - Pretty in Pink
Esme (above) made a guest appearance on-air telling of all the wonders to come for SL Live Radio listeners, and I added my two cents, namely that we were setting up an interview with The Follow over the next month or so to chat about the gang's new LP about to be released.

They are in virtual rehearsal right now, and in fact Powers Avon (The Follow's drummer) dropped into the studio in the midst of practice and our party.   More about that and more to come in the weeks ahead.

For now, here are our party shots!

House Band
Is this really Mimi Juneau!

Oh, Mimi - clowning around!

Bel as Jessica Rabbitt!

By the end of the night, things had gotten crazy - and then the little fairy waved her
wand, and Halloween was over.   But the music continues on SL Live Radio.
Catch me this Sunday, NOON to 2PM SLT, on SL Live Radio - following DJ Cupric's Musical Mystery Tour, starting at 10AM.  Join me live at Studio 2 in Second France.