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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Following 'The Follow" - Let the Countdown Begin

- Music News Flash -

They're back....

Amy Rickertsen

Troy Rickertsen

Mat Matlack

The Follow is about to release a new album.
Its fan base is already receiving the first single off the trio's new LP.

Powers Avon (Mat) hooked me up to the single last night.  It rocks - it's the band's best to date - encapsulating all that they have experienced on their life journey.  Powerful vocals, lyrics and instrumentation.   It's all there.  The cover art for the specially released single captures the struggle and a sense of moving on, overcoming, yet remaining aware of the steps taken along the way.   Good stuff.   Let's say, if this song is any indication of the rest of the tunes - it's iconic of rock and roll - what makes it relevant to every day people, timeless and heroic through its simplicity and raw emotion.  This Midwestern trio defines the heartland music as it should be;  all roads lead here.
The Follow has found its destination. 

The Nov. 2nd released track - Thousand Days of Bravery - will debut on SLOW BAKE on SL Live Radio this Sunday, November 9th.   Tune into the station from noon to 2pm SLT to catch the band's first single off its soon-to-be-released album.

I am coordinating interview time with the band for my show.    That date has not been set yet (fingers crossed) - but I will play the first single of the new album this Sunday!  

You gotta understand this is a hectic time for the band, in the midst of an album release and rehearsal.

The band is in rehearsal getting ready, for what I believe, will be a near-the-end-of-the year fantastic show in Second Life.  No dates have been confirmed for the album release or forthcoming concerts.

In fact, check out their site for daily info on The Follow's first "return" show -
venues can enter to win it.  Details on their site:

In anticipation, I am dedicating the music of this blog to The Follow.  You will notice a music chart near the top right of this blog's column - just touch it, and viola you will hear continuous The Follow music until the new album is released.   Look for the actual tuner on the top right side of this blog.

Here's the image -  

When you find it, touch it to play, but sorry it won't let you download the tunes.   Support The Follow via CD Baby, iTunes, and other music outlets. Check out The Follow's web site for free downloads.

So enjoy the old, as the band brings you the new in time for 2015.

For now, following The Follow! 

Yours Truly,

"Slow Bake"
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