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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sher Salmson turns 4!

It was Tuesday, October 26th. A day we will always remember. When Sher did some funky dances and grooved to her fav bands at Huntington Harbour. Hey Sher! You go, girl. Welcome to 4 years old!

Among the lineup for her party was Lighthouse Mixmaster, Gabryel Nyoki, Blueron Clyburn, Automatic Band (top photo), and Anek Fuchs.

Anek Fuchs (below) praised her for being a top manager on the grid.

Soni loves ya, Sher! and We love the bands that you represent in SL, as you bring us among the best live music on the grid. :) Soni

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Letting you Know, that's all

Serenade me! I want to hear your SL Musican Favorites! Hey, if it's cool, it's on BOSL Radio featuring the Best of Second Life. Show time for Soni is Saturdays, 2PM -4PM SLT. Visit me at our radio station at

And scope out my other sites below for interesting tidbits on the SL Scene - music and otherwise:


After a night of live music, I ended up at Apokalyptika Dance Club at

Before that I went to hear DirtyDee Sweetwater at The Drunken Drow. Very cool performance, packed house, and this talented musican offers unique interpretative blends to some classics. A must hear! He's soooo smooth. I caught him at the friendly Drunken Drow at

And where did I start my night but at Trax Music Resources Center, run by musican Bones Writer, who joined together with one of the grid favs' Lance Rembrandt.
So that is Bones Writer (immediately above). So all in all, I caught some amazing musicians on the grid this week. Just a few to share with you from my romp about the live music scene.

And special thanks for Lazarus Doghouse for giving me tips on some great musicans. Laz, as I have noted before, is must to check out - check your SL live music events calendar for his show dates.

Catch you on the grid! Say hi to me -:) Soni

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Soni Turns 4!

They say a photo is worth a 1000 words - that was 5000!

Okay the major news is my Rez Day is Tuesday, October 19th. So we did a pre-rez day bash at the offices and studios of Lowe Runo Productions on the Island of Fame in Second Life. Thank you Bossman, Lowe, and my close friend Kara Trapdoor for throwing this party for me. I took the photos of course.

Well if you are looking for any other major news this past week - sorry, I am it!!!!! LOL Bren Betts of Club Nine fame was the dj - and he did an incredible job keeping the party going for three hours!

So many people showed up, and if I mention names I might leave someone out. But thanks all so much for partying and the gifts.

Love ya all!

:) Soni

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What I Did on MY SUNDAY!

Imagine Festival continued. This time it was Imagine Diversity with violinist performer Naftali Torok. We were all invited to dress appropriately - celebrating the diversity across the world. Naftali certainly is a talented woman, with old world charm in her music selections.
She dedicated a song to musician/storyteller, Lazarus Doghouse, a new friend she stated. She commended him for his manly dance, keeping in the spirit of the celebration. Here's the YouTube video!

Then, I was off to an open mic venue, Izzy and Ish's Blues Cafe, a quaint club with its own unique charm. Filled with musicians, friends, and fans, all the performers were well beyond amateurs. I am glad I didn't bring my harmonica with my howling dog. All sounded like seasoned pros. So I sat in the back and noted the talent. I forget my Lindens, so I didn't get to sample the beverages or tip this round. Next time, for surely I will be back.

Hey, dude! Didn't I see you before - it's that manly dancer guy. This time, he's performing on stage.
Then I teleported over to see the Snow Crash art exhibition, also part of the Imagine Festival, in celebration of John Lennon's 70th Birthday and message of hope.

It was a long day, but fun! And that was only half of what I did today!
Peace out!
-:) Soni

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hey Hey, it was Soni Day on BOSL Radio

Another Saturday (2-4PM SLT) on BOSL Radio! Justlisten.

Just Imagine

Today marked the 70th birthday of John Lennon. His legacy continues with the Imagine Festival in Second Life this weekend. I attended the opening ceremonies for Best of Second Life Magazine. Here's a blog entry of some of the highlights today and what's to come for Sunday. Check SL Events Calendar for times and locations.

Here's some photo highlights: Dr. Andrew Wallace (below) talked about the future role of community, acknowledging the need to cross barriers such as race, ethnicity, gender and ageism. You know, just imagine.... The weekend was filled with speeches and live music at various sims across SL, and people just came together to enjoy and express community.

Just a cute photo!
My new friend any1 Gynoid (above). And (below) I really dug the cool cushions at Dr. Wallace's presentation in a skybox auditorium.
Oh, and did I mention, my good friend Kara Trapdoor was there. Gotcha!

Catch you on the grid - :) Soni