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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Gina Stella Brings Her Magic Back to SL!

Boo!  Let the magic begin!   It's a full moon, and Gina Stella cast her spell over the Isle of Azariah. I was surprised to see Gina on stage joining Bat Masters and Twostep Spiritweaver for a relatively unannounced appearance by the renowned vocalist/musician.

Halloween brought a nice treat, the talented trio of Gina, Bat & TwoStep dual streaming at Acoustic Cave.   Gina is back in SL after a several month hiatus, and it was soooo good to hear lovely voice in full range.  

Want to hear more from her and Bat, here you go -  

Gina Stella is one of the many SL artists I feature on Slow Bake, Sundays, on SL Live Radio.

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Weekend, with David Csiszer

'Tis the night before Halloween at Club Zydeco in Wolves Moon with SL's David Csiszer, and the monsters and ghouls were out, grooving to a range of acoustic favs.   Once again, David put on a great show, and while in costume this night, he didn't miss a beat.
  Note Bel and Soni hypnotized by the lights and sounds!

 Club owner Cloey Bechir was especially hot this night.  

Another SL long-timer Becca Baxton (as a Mermaid) followed David, with a lively set, singing classic pop and rock and joking with the crowd.  My name 'Sonicity' reminded her of 'Sonic' burgers, and the next thing you know there was a feeding frenzy among the listeners, with everyone's appetite stirred up.   As for me, I just came the good times tunes, trying not to think about snacking.  Nevertheless, from that point forward, Belinda and I thought about driving out for a late night shake.   

How is it that one person can implant an idea that can trigger so many people's cravings!  That is part of the virtual magic, I guess.  Break down the pixel walls, and reach for the pickles.

It was an impressive start to the Halloween weekend!

Remember David Csiszer is one of the featured singers on Slow Bake, every Sunday, noon to 12pm SLT on SL Live Radio.    Listen anywhere, or join us at the radio studios.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Your Vote Counts!

Be responsible and vote!   It doesn't matter who you vote for - but VOTE!

Slow Bake is the Cat's Meow

Top Pic is DJ Meow by 3D artist Sharktooth

Note the similarities!  LOL.  Join me for Slow Bake every Sunday, noon to 2PM SLT @ MistyFalls in Second Life.  SL indie music, Sensational musicians and Sassy company.  Belinda as your lovely hostess.  Updates from Kara Trapdoor every hour: Kara's Korner, Second Life Adventures.  

SL LIVE RADIO - The Choice of AVI Awards!

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

He's back - Don Galaga

Checked out an ol' musician friend, Don Galaga, this evening who is back in Second Life.  I remember him from his early days, when Belinda and I would hang out at Bahama Breeze.

Tonight, he performed at the venue Acoustic Cave []

Don Galaga seemed to be in good spirits singing a variety of tunes crossing genres.

His voice, he noted, laughing, was a bit scratchy and remarked 'it's been awhile'.  [Yep, too long, but really not that long.  We just missed him!]  Nonetheless he is still a great performer, if not more so, having had some time away.

Snapped a few pics to capture his re-entrance into the virtual. 

By the way, Acoustic Cave has a great line-up of musicians any week.  Here is its current line-up:

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Skye Galaxy Tour Dates, Being Set

Check with Lauren M. Bloch via Facebook for more information on booking. 

It's Show Time, folks!

A world of music at her fingertips!
A listing of some of the live music events! All SLT (PST)

Sunday, October 11th
First of all, it's show time folks. 
Remember tune into Slow Bake this and every Sunday with your host, me, Sonicity, and entertainment news from Kara Trapdoor, and my partner in music, Belinda!

For a bit of background on SLOW BAKE, check out this story from Kara for SHOWTIME MAGAZINE.  Also, SHOWTIME is a great source for the SL entertainment/arts scene and more.

Here's a partial listing of some performers today!
Josie Anderton, Kickin', 12PM 
Max Kleene, Seaside, 3PM  (check SL listings throughout the day)
KatRose, Dirty Grind, 4PM
Strum Diesel, Royal Island, 5PM*  Birthday party for Eliza Cabassoun
AM Quar, Snug Harbor, 5PM
Tristyn Homewood, Godfather's, 5PM (Seaside @ 7PM)
Anj, Seaside, 5PM (Stars @7PM)
AM Forte, The End Zone, 6PM
Clarice Karu, 6PM, Serenity
AcousticEnergy Nightly, Sharktooth, 7PM
Ichie Kamachi, Endeavour Cove, 7PM
Donn Devore, Lighthoue, 8PM
Parker Static, Paradise, 8PM
Parker & Max, Paradise, 9PM

Monday, October 12th
Photo by Richard Nicholson, 2012

Matthew Perrault and Beth Odets
 11AM  (check SL Events for Venue)

You should expect this to be a fun show with those two great friends/talented musicians on microphone, having fun telling stories via their music.  I found a great story written about Beth Odets from Unforgettable Magazine.  Here is a bio about Matthew, from his website, The Matthew Show

Daily!  Be sure to check out these singers managed by Whispering Sands Promotions and WSP's Event Board!

Enjoy the Live Sounds of SL!   Be a Happier Avatar!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Slow Bake Spins Your Virtual World

Slow Bake begins at Noon!  Join me, Soni!, for your Sunday 'chill' - 'kick back' - 'relax' - 'good times' music of the talented SL Musicians and Singers from the virtual world.   Join me live at Misty Falls at the Studios of SL Live Radio, streaming via the UK and USA to the global music scene across our Metaverse. 

Playing Musicians and bands including -  Pete Mroz, Soul Vision (Joe Bowosky), Kyle Bronsdon, Skye Galaxy, Red Heaven, Beth Odets, Ganjo Mokeev, The Matthew Show, The Follow, Grace McDunnough, David Csiszer, James Olmos (AcousticEnergy), Harry Frychester, Kevin M. Thomas, SaraMarie Philly (her "Red" LP), Nance Brody ("Spendor" LP), Strum Diesel, Gina Stella, AMForte Clarity,  Dan Russo, Don Galaga, Josie Anderton, Christopher Quan, Suzen Juel, Lindi Moo, Seth Regan (Mankind), LizAday, Phemie Alcott, TerryLynn Melody, Tone Uriza, Tristyn Homewood, Twin Ghost, Strummer Vultee, and Blair Bond...and some  classic finds of Mimi Carpenter, Gina Gracemount, Max Kleene, Clairede Dirval....

Nearly 800 tracks and counting, including Pete Mroz's EP "Land of Oz" just released, Twin Ghost's "Classic" LP (as of 9/16/15) and Soul Vision's debut SL LP this summer.  

And there's more.....

'What's Going On' - Kara Trapdoor's weekly feature of events around the grid can be caught weekly on Slow Bake.

SL LIVE RADIO - The Choice of AVI Awards!

Want me to add an SL artist, drop me a note card:   Sonicity Fitzroy, or send an email to, attn:  Slow Bake
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