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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Slow Bake Spins Your Virtual World

Slow Bake begins at Noon!  Join me, Soni!, for your Sunday 'chill' - 'kick back' - 'relax' - 'good times' music of the talented SL Musicians and Singers from the virtual world.   Join me live at Misty Falls at the Studios of SL Live Radio, streaming via the UK and USA to the global music scene across our Metaverse. 

Playing Musicians and bands including -  Pete Mroz, Soul Vision (Joe Bowosky), Kyle Bronsdon, Skye Galaxy, Red Heaven, Beth Odets, Ganjo Mokeev, The Matthew Show, The Follow, Grace McDunnough, David Csiszer, James Olmos (AcousticEnergy), Harry Frychester, Kevin M. Thomas, SaraMarie Philly (her "Red" LP), Nance Brody ("Spendor" LP), Strum Diesel, Gina Stella, AMForte Clarity,  Dan Russo, Don Galaga, Josie Anderton, Christopher Quan, Suzen Juel, Lindi Moo, Seth Regan (Mankind), LizAday, Phemie Alcott, TerryLynn Melody, Tone Uriza, Tristyn Homewood, Twin Ghost, Strummer Vultee, and Blair Bond...and some  classic finds of Mimi Carpenter, Gina Gracemount, Max Kleene, Clairede Dirval....

Nearly 800 tracks and counting, including Pete Mroz's EP "Land of Oz" just released, Twin Ghost's "Classic" LP (as of 9/16/15) and Soul Vision's debut SL LP this summer.  

And there's more.....

'What's Going On' - Kara Trapdoor's weekly feature of events around the grid can be caught weekly on Slow Bake.

SL LIVE RADIO - The Choice of AVI Awards!

Want me to add an SL artist, drop me a note card:   Sonicity Fitzroy, or send an email to, attn:  Slow Bake
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