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Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Weekend, with David Csiszer

'Tis the night before Halloween at Club Zydeco in Wolves Moon with SL's David Csiszer, and the monsters and ghouls were out, grooving to a range of acoustic favs.   Once again, David put on a great show, and while in costume this night, he didn't miss a beat.
  Note Bel and Soni hypnotized by the lights and sounds!

 Club owner Cloey Bechir was especially hot this night.  

Another SL long-timer Becca Baxton (as a Mermaid) followed David, with a lively set, singing classic pop and rock and joking with the crowd.  My name 'Sonicity' reminded her of 'Sonic' burgers, and the next thing you know there was a feeding frenzy among the listeners, with everyone's appetite stirred up.   As for me, I just came the good times tunes, trying not to think about snacking.  Nevertheless, from that point forward, Belinda and I thought about driving out for a late night shake.   

How is it that one person can implant an idea that can trigger so many people's cravings!  That is part of the virtual magic, I guess.  Break down the pixel walls, and reach for the pickles.

It was an impressive start to the Halloween weekend!

Remember David Csiszer is one of the featured singers on Slow Bake, every Sunday, noon to 12pm SLT on SL Live Radio.    Listen anywhere, or join us at the radio studios.

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