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Sunday, January 27, 2013

AE at Key West

Old friend, great musician AcousticEnergy Nitely (James Olmos, RL) performed at Key West to a full house.  Always a good time, and well established in SL/RL.  Just caught a great show, along with a couple of photos of him. Enjoy and check out his show, if you haven't yet.   And if you have, I don't have to tell you to do so....I saw lots of regulars in the crowd.

This Sunday at Key West Island (56, 67, 23), James streamed from California performing with a super talented woman Julene - their voices blended well. The in-between chatter was lively and fun.  Great team.  You gotta love the way AE works the crowd.  Julene is a natural too.

Bel (right) and I enjoyed the show!  Rock On, James!

See you next time old friend!


United Hearts 2013

Perhaps love can be sweeter the second time around, as can another look at a brilliant musician and composer, especially when you have excellent taste in life - music and art!   It takes a special person to be able to put together a gallery show of Leonard Cohen once, but to do it again and do it well, that is passion.   For her 2013 United Hearts show, Morgana Nagorski handed over the reign of interpretation to 21 artists, 13 of them returning from last year's show.

It began a year ago with the 2012 United Heart exhibition featuring 20 artists who were asked to interpret the lyrics of a Leonard Cohen song.   What song they selected was their own choice.

United Hearts allows for personal interpretation, as well as an understanding of how music inspires us; how music can be interpreted on canvas.  How often we watch music videos, where the words and lyrics rush past.  Here, you can contemplate on an aspect of a song.   And once again, Morgana has created a stunning show of image and words.  Cohen's music is streamed into the gallery.

Opening receptions were held Saturday evening and Sunday morning in Second Life. I attended the Sunday reception, where artists and guests mingled with each other, enjoying the surroundings. Morgana was as always the lovely curator, greeting visitors.

The exhibit (Gardenia Islands 105, 61, 2501) runs through April 2013.  The gallery is sponsored by LUMIPro Professional Lighting System at the recently launched Palais Orleans Gallery Complex, where you can visit Morgana's work as well.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stepping into 2013

Here's hoping you had a wonderful holiday season, and plenty of time to enjoy your Second Life and the talented musicians.  Over the break, we thought about all kinds of creative ideas! (and note the growth in brain power)....One of our thoughts was how to better feature SL musicians.  Those ideas should be reflected in our blog and projects to come. 

The other day, Bel and I got back into the live music groove checking into England's lovely Chillee.  We caught her in action performing at Kickin in Second Life.  She had more energy than we did to start off the year. 

There are a few remnants of holiday music and decor, here and there, but for the most part it's back to normal - whatever that means in to the virtual life. I added an on-air sampler on this site for you to check out some of the SL musicians.  Periodically, you can listen to some of SL favorites on the auto stream, courtesy of SAM VIBE.   I hope to be back up and running live soon as well.  Waiting for the new updates on Sam Broadcaster. 
for now, enjoy the new year - and new and old Second Life music across the grid and virtual spaces.