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Sunday, October 26, 2014

DJ Cupric's Musical Mystery Tour on Sundays

DJCupric Router hosts 'Musical Mystery Tour' at Journeys every Sunday 10AM-12PM SLT.  Catch a mix of classy numbers, torch tunes, psychedelic covers, movie soundtracks, and rare finds on SL Live radio and/or at Journeys.   It's a bit of everything, with Cupric's personality adding the final touch for a festive show.

Tune in for an uniquely creative music experience.

Join me for Slow Bake right after Cupric!


Friday, October 24, 2014

Bring It On - Radio Debut

Launching Friday high noon, the new on-air studios of SL Live made its debut, with its staff of DJs, supporters and of course CEOs/Founders Thorn Andel and Esme Capelo.  Mimi Juneau sounded the siren that the party was on in her group chat.   Thorn set the event in motion, spinning from his new DJ booth.

Esme explained what's ahead for the station, including the debut of a rock station in the near future.

Great beats, lights and people.   SL Live Radio's Studio 2 is open for business.


The party - noon until sundown - is just a sign of good times to come.
For info or to tune in anytime, anywhere -

As for me, Sundays noon to 2pm is my little slice of SL Live Radio with a show called SLOW BAKE, featuring SL Musicians.  See you in Studio 2!    Belinda and I will be waiting for you!

SL Live Radio - Grand Opening Today

Last Sunday if you missed it, Thorn and Esme allowed me to present a sneak preview of the new SL Live radio studios during my Sunday show - Slow Bake (noon to 2 SLT).   So here are a few photos from last Sunday.  Thorn, Esme and lots of friends came by to say hello.

The Grand Opening is Friday October 24, 2014, noon to 6pm SLT at Second France.   See you there.

It was my 7th Rez Day (btw which I forgot until today).


 Bel has to run - she has a few things to do before the big party.

Second France, Studio 2 -


Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Steamy Sounds of Seth Regan

Just as my radio show signed off last Sunday, the album release party for Seth Regan (a.k.a. Mankind Tracer) kicked off at the sim Nile River.   The theme was steampunk, and Seth performed atop crates at a train station.

(Right) Brandy Maltas, Event Host/Seth's Manager
Most of the attendees were outfitted appropriately for the event, especially Seth decked in his sassy gentleman suit. The first song he performed was One Voice, echoing his commitment to unity -

The only way to get those people to hear us is to unite!


A few stream problems aside, the hour-long show included a mix of favs, some inspirational tunes (dear to Seth), and new releases.  He did a marvelous cover of Imagine Dragons' RadioactiveLeft of Center is Seth's 6th album, and it is sure to take off in any world. He began performing in 2006 in Second Life.


If you missed the party, pick up the album at Seth's next show.   He is a regular on the grid so that should not be a problem.   Always a professional, you can anticipate a lively time with great music.

- Soni -

Nile River:

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Club Hallyu - South Korea Never Sounded So Good

DJ Zephyr sent me an invite Saturday night to the wonderful CLUB HALLYU!  The club is known for playing Korean and Japanese pop and rock.
The spin was full of energy and had a great mix.  Zephyr concluded his show with a top five countdown. He asked the audience for some feedback, for he was planning a SL Live Radio show on this style of music.
Zephyr is an excellent dj, and when you add a South Korean venue, K/J-pop, and 'kool kids' - you have a super formula. Club Hallyu-SL is based on the real life club (of the same name) in Jacksonville, Florida-USA. Click on the poster (first shot in this blog entry) for more about the RL club. 

 So remember Club Hallyu!  Remember DJ Zephyr!  And you might just have as much fun as Belinda and I did Saturday night.

Meet the Amazing CEO of Hallyu!

As for my next stop, catch me on SL Live Radio, Sunday Noon to 2PM SLT for SLOW BAKE, a show featuring SL musicians: