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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Steamy Sounds of Seth Regan

Just as my radio show signed off last Sunday, the album release party for Seth Regan (a.k.a. Mankind Tracer) kicked off at the sim Nile River.   The theme was steampunk, and Seth performed atop crates at a train station.

(Right) Brandy Maltas, Event Host/Seth's Manager
Most of the attendees were outfitted appropriately for the event, especially Seth decked in his sassy gentleman suit. The first song he performed was One Voice, echoing his commitment to unity -

The only way to get those people to hear us is to unite!


A few stream problems aside, the hour-long show included a mix of favs, some inspirational tunes (dear to Seth), and new releases.  He did a marvelous cover of Imagine Dragons' RadioactiveLeft of Center is Seth's 6th album, and it is sure to take off in any world. He began performing in 2006 in Second Life.


If you missed the party, pick up the album at Seth's next show.   He is a regular on the grid so that should not be a problem.   Always a professional, you can anticipate a lively time with great music.

- Soni -

Nile River:

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