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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't Hate Mondays!

You can bet across the grid there's always live music - from the Alabama beaches to the NYC Skyscapers.  Monday night was a great night for it.   My night started at Bama Breeze, a Jimmy Buffett inspired beach venue, that features live music a couple times a week.   Trasc McCallen (in the gray tshirt) is the owner, and long-time Second Life resident.   Country musician Don Galager performed a great show, tossing in a few Buffett classics.   He'll be back at the Breeze this Friday.

Bama Breeze - less than a second away at

Later that night I popped over to The Roof@NYC for Lingual Markus' live music line-up.   The roof was popping with people, including a who's who of musicians.   I just stood back and enjoyed the conversation and music.  Come to The Roof at

So don't write off Mondays in Second Life.  Well Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the Big Apple look pretty good, too!!!

:)  Soni

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Alright Now. Jammin' with The Bloody Pirates

Sunday night with The Bloody Pirates at Solana's Place Live Music Venue.  I was pleasantly surprised when I decided to kill some time and popped in to hear the The Bloody Pirates.   They are the real deal, performing the music live with no tracks.   You can sense it, feel it.

The beat glides across the virtual stream.   You gotta hear them.  The lead singer moves from one song to another, with incredible timing.  The ultimate mix of rock 'n' roll tunes - ZZ Top, Hollies, Stones, Billie Idol, etc., you know the stuff - was unleashed this Sunday night.  The lead singer's voice brings the legends of the past to life.   Here's some links offered in the profile of Kris ElectricTeeth.

sample of my guitar playing:

Kris has been a guitarist/singer/songwriter for 40 years.

In the band:  Steven Onskan, Amy Maarten, and Daigh Hadisson.

Be sure to catch them on the grid.

Solana's (owner Solana Python)

For now, have a wonderful Sunday.

:)  Soni

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Fourth from Sonicity

The old adage is a picture is worth a 1000 words.   So I suppose a video falls within that category to some extent, as a moving image.  This is my third annual Fourth of July CHEESECAKE Virtual Tribute Video.

It is merely intended as a fun video of celebration of good times with friends.  Pushing aside politics for a weekend, and economc woes, and just focusing on the fact that it is the USA's birthday weekend. 

Catch it on FLICKR.   And Happy Fourth of July to Americans whereever you are.  And to the rest of the world, may you find something special in your life every day.