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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

FogBound Blues

GROWL......DJ BROTHER BEAR spins the tunes at FogBound Blues. He knows his music and its history. Catch his show at FogBound Blues, or check listings for times and venues.

:) Soni

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Toys For Tots CD for the Holidays

For a 500 Linden donation, you can have this wonderful CD of SL musicians singing the holiday favorites. It is available at kiosks throughout SL, including at the BOSL Radio studios in Renaissance Galleria. For the whole story, see Persia Bravin's write-up:

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving at Two Moon Paradise

Two Moon Paradise is having a big pre-Christmas holiday bash December 4th. Here's the details...

Griff Bamaisin

Griff Bamaisin seen here playing live at Portland Connection! Check him around the grid- and he's a regular at Portland!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coming Soon - XMAS Party

Soni here with her Chill Boys!


Nickelback in Second Life

Cool Tribute Show: An SL Production of Nickelback. The photos say it all, or nearly. There were even portapotties on site. HaHa (and no lines). Remember keep the music flowing on the grid with your tips. :) Soni

Monday, November 15, 2010

All Day Women's Concert At Minerva

Sunday November 14th, Minerva in Second Life was host to an all day women's concert. Several women showcased their musical talent from folk classics to Classical music throughout the day. The concert was made possible by a AAUW grant to the Women's Studies program of Ohio State University. Here's a few pics of the opening act - Naftali Torok.

The key organizer of the music events was Kate Miranda. Kate also moderated a forum on music and music making in Second Life. It provided a overview for those new to Second Life on the creative process involved in virtual performance.

Artists included: Naftali Torok (Holland), Christine Montgomery (UK), Atheene Dodonpa (Finland), Miriam Forsythe (USA), Cindi Ecksol (USA), Haruno Watanabe (Japan & USA), and Izabela Jaworower (Poland and USA, photo second to bottom). Christine was among those circle dancing with me during Naftali's performance of European folk classics.

Let's hear it for the women!

:) Soni

Friday, November 12, 2010

Here's Looking at YOU

Voyeur: The Forbidden Side of Woman is an extremely provocative exhibit to benefit the Autism Society of America. Its closing ceremonies were held midday in Second Life on Friday at Moolto's Community Store region. The exhibition began in October, and remains open at this moment.

Money raised from the paintings will benefit AS. The works offer a mix of amazing models, some very well known like Miaa Rebane (top "blue" photo), captured by notable artists. Here are the photos that I captured for BOSL on FLICKR.

THIS WEEKEND also check out the Radiant Cathedral and Museum.
Details here.

And FLICKR Photo Highlights from the Loveli House of Fashion show to raise awareness of The Butterfly Children, children with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). It is a designer showcase featuring the designs of Thea Tamura Fashions by Thea Tamura and Kim Fashions by Kimberly Flagon. The Loveli House of Fashion Mall:


Visit BOSL Radio in the Renaissance Galleria in the Best of SL Fashion District.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Hazy Echos of the Evening Skye

Breathtaking performance.

Listening to Second Life's Skye Galaxy at Gwampas! Amazing voice, reminiscent of Coldplay with more depth.

"I like quiet songs because I can hear me breathe...well not so I can hear me, but because you can hear me - to bring us closer," said Skye, in the midst of his closing tune during his Thursday evening concert.

I can never photograph him with justice because the performance venues, as large as they are, usually consume the visuals with lag. But I have attempted to capture the spirit of his beautiful ballads with the hazy skyline and reflections from the sky bubbles in this photo (directly above).

Gwampas at

Some amazing Second Life videos of Skye's music below:

from ColeMarie Soleil

from Toxic Menges

Better than a fireplace!

It is chilly in Chicago, and sometimes to warm up I have to turn up the heat - add a little energy, you might say. For me, it is music that comforts me, warms me. AcousticEnergy Nitely has one of those voices that can melt away life's pressures and daily nuisances. You simply forget for awhile. I have to say such a gift is rare in real life, but he is both a RL and SL musician. There are many talented musicians in SL, but his voice fills the virtual airwaves with a passion for life, not just virtual life. Caught one of his shows last night, and I remembered he is working on an album for release soon. Then we can all bundle up with AE in RL and SL, anytime of day or night.
Support AE and all SL musicians!

some of his upcoming gigs:

Check out his music

Check out his manager: Sher Salmson (love ya Sher)

Soni's other RL classic favorites of the week:
Dishwalla - Angels or Devils
Lifehouse - Everything

Special News Coming Soon about Soni's Second Life Music Show!!!! stay tuned.

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Have an amazing weekend on the grid!