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Saturday, October 2, 2010

sounding good on the grid!

Okay, Soni here. I have been around the grid this week. Have you? Here's some highlights. On Tuesday, Harry Frychester had some fun on stage near the end of his show, and got small. He invited his partner/wife to join the fun on stage with him at The Whiskey.

At the Roof in NYC, Mercury Madzuka was one of many musicians to take stage this week, and as always it was a good late night crowd. Some of SL's popular musicians and singers that popped in to support Mercury were Noma Falta. Beth Odets, DirtyDee Sweetwater, Greg Colburn, and Stereo Carver (also performing).

WashedUp Sideways performed at The Greenhouse to a late night Thursday audience.

I caught OrangeLife Holmer (below) by accident at the Nantucket Tavern at SL New England in Mystic. I plan to go back this Friday to catch his whole show and take some close-up rezzed photos! :) You can also check out his music from his RL band:

Then Friday, there was the lovely TerryLynn Melody performing at K Design.

AcousticEnergy Nitely was performing at Gwampas Thursday, followed by the wonderfully talented sultry Gina Stella. Her man, Anek Fuchs, a talented musician himself, was listening, and just being supportive.

Heya, Krissy Fairport has a wonderful voice. I caught her Tuesday at The Whiskey, and that takes up back to where we began. I added some of her songs to my BOSL Radio playlist.
Catch me on the grid - listening!!!! - Soni :)