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Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Haunting Reminder - Good Radio is Fun

Only a week after SL Live Radio launched its new studios, Thorn Andel and Esme Capelo, founders, threw a Monster Bash.

Bel (left) & Sonicity (right)

Yours truly spin some SL favorites from local musicians for about an half-hour, and DJ Thorn and Jamey handled the reigns for the most part.


DJ Jamey
Esme - Pretty in Pink
Esme (above) made a guest appearance on-air telling of all the wonders to come for SL Live Radio listeners, and I added my two cents, namely that we were setting up an interview with The Follow over the next month or so to chat about the gang's new LP about to be released.

They are in virtual rehearsal right now, and in fact Powers Avon (The Follow's drummer) dropped into the studio in the midst of practice and our party.   More about that and more to come in the weeks ahead.

For now, here are our party shots!

House Band
Is this really Mimi Juneau!

Oh, Mimi - clowning around!

Bel as Jessica Rabbitt!

By the end of the night, things had gotten crazy - and then the little fairy waved her
wand, and Halloween was over.   But the music continues on SL Live Radio.
Catch me this Sunday, NOON to 2PM SLT, on SL Live Radio - following DJ Cupric's Musical Mystery Tour, starting at 10AM.  Join me live at Studio 2 in Second France.