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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Look for the March issue of BOSL

Just a little plug for the latest issue of Best of Second Life magazine. So many events too. I came across Suzen JueL's (JueL Resistance) art at Bobbi Laval's Art Gallery - you will love it. Read it in the latest BOSL. Bobbi has some cool photo art that she has created on various artists as well.

Plus I capture Strummer Vultee playing at Moonshines with his streaming buddy Morton Shamen - also in the society and events section of the March Issue of Best of SL magazine.

And then I cannot forget my good buddy/occasional dance partner Thunda Masala who showcases his RL photography Images of Iowa at Lunar Passages Art Gallery in Iowa! The dude is a microbiologist! Cool and brainy, lol. His work is featured too!

Then look for the work of my good friend Kara Trapdoor, the other society/events reporter-at-large, who covers the other half of the grid.

The Society & Events Section of Best of SL Magazine!!!

Look for vendors, and join the group/subscribe - Best of SL. You can do that at the BOSL radio at the Renaissance Galleria.

:) Soni