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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Happy Holidays! from Slow Bake Radio!

All I want for the Holidays is SL's music scene to continue to flourish in 2018.   Well I do want more than that, but it would be a good start to the year.

An ideal gift would be to support SL music by gifting it to your friends and family.  Support SL artists by buying their CDs or downloads.   It's a good way to let people from outside of SL become aware of the talent in-world

I am waiting for the latest CD from Kyle Bronsdon, who I had an opportunity to hear on Facebook last Thursday (and he also has a YouTube channel).  He still has his place in SL, but he was live streaming out of his mobile trailer somewhere in Cali last week.  As for SL, I don't know when he sings there.    But for a sure thing, catch him online weekly on FB and YT.   Bel and I used to hang out at his quaint venue almost every week a couple of years ago, and back then he had a nice SL crowd sitting and standing around his piano.

Here's a screenshot from last week.

Slow Bake features Kyle's music, and many SL artists, on most Sundays noon to 2PM SLT, streaming out of SL Live Radio, from Mad Pea's Mad City!

Listening details below!  I don't always work on holidays - and you shouldn't either, if you can help it!   :)

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