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Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy 2018 from Slow Bake!

Happy New Year!!!

Glad to be back for Sunday's radio show!   I have a few pics from our last show for 2017 with Esme and Thorn, the founders of SL Live Radio, proud sponsor of Slow Bake, a two-hour Sunday feature that breaks away from the regular format to pay tribute to SL musicians and singers.  And there's plenty of SL music to keep us busy all year long!

I have amassed quite a large song collection of in-world favorites, mostly indie artists who rely on local support in their respective communities and the virtual live music community of Second Life.

Some artists have moved on to other projects, but many return every now and then.  Of course, many others remain loyal to their SL audiences.  The goal of the radio show is to expose these bands beyond the confines of SL, and so that you can listen to their tunes anywhere, not just within SL and not only when they are scheduled to play.   Just like a radio station, you cannot download the songs from Slow Bake, but we help you find their music so you can purchase it and we try to direct you to their concerts in world and wherever they play IRL, maybe even your hometown.

I am hoping 2018 will allow me to expand our music library, listener base, and programming.  Belinda has been my longtime sidekick and we hope to keep the Slow Bake tradition alive and well for virtual music lovers everywhere.

Based now in the Bay Area, I am closer than ever to the mother ship, and remain committed to strengthening the music scene!

Recently I found this article about Second Life, published last month (Dec. 2017),

Stay tuned for Slow Bake, (most) Sundays noon to 2pm PST/SLT, live streaming from SL Live Radio, in-world at Mad Pea's Mad City!

The Listening particulars below!

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Sonicity & Belinda