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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mid-Winter Blues in Radioland!

Just one of those days.   Feeling blue in SL.  Blinds open in RL.  Beautiful day but it is very chilly to really enjoy.   Nice and cozy in Second Life, but I cannot seem to get it together today to do a show for you all!    So my advice is - go see one of the many SL live shows today.  Lots of wonderful talent on the grid performing live every Sunday.   Please tip well to support the SL music scene.    Maybe I will just Slow Bake some cookies....

Soni's feeling 'blah'

At my small house on Book Island, just chilling alone to some of my SL music.

              For live music, see  Here's Sunday's Schedule:

12:00 pm: AMForte at Frisky Beaver Beach Club
1:00 pm: Phemie Alcott at Rainworx
1:00 pm: Savannah Rain at Mango Yacht Club
2:00 pm: AleyKat at Frisky Beaver Beach Club

2:00 pm: Zachh Cale at Branagh’s Jazz

3:00 pm: Maximillion Kleene at Faery Crossing
3:00 pm: Savannah Rain at Frisky Beaver Beach Club

4:00 pm: Agatha Martin at AiR Island
4:00 pm: AleyKat at Live Vibrations
4:00 pm: Keeba Tammas at Faery Crossing

4:00 pm: Porter Paquot at Rainworx

5:00 pm: Maximillion Kleene at Live Vibrations

6:00 pm: AMForte at Live Vibrations

7:00 pm: Porter Paquot at Stanza
8:00 pm: Arra at Homes For Our Troops

8:00 pm: Maxx Sabretooth at Saddles Lounge

9:00 pm: Balecry at The Mason Jar
Check Facebook and SL's Calendar of events for other live music events.