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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kicking off The Week

Let's look at the front end of this week through some amazing Second Life moments so far!  Monday, it was 4 years for Lingual Markus, founder of NYC's The Roof.   The theme was superheroes, and the main star was Ling himself.  At one point, Max Kleene, Stella and Rasp Rearwin took to the stage as a trio.

So I took off my Saturn Girl costume, and headed to DizzyLizzy's to catch LindiMoo the following night.   She performs Tuesdays, 7-8PM SLT.
Then Wednesday, it was a special night at SpiritFire Entertainment's new digs, an entertainment venue owned by Sher Salmson, manager for SL's finest musicians.  Tonight we heard Mandoaa Dragonash (above), and Sher was meeting and greeting with her usual charm and warm smile.

Watch for the venue's debut, coming soon.  For more info, check out Kara's blog. 

Above Bel & Kara, along with me.

And also coming up - THIS WEEKEND - Join me as BOSL celebrates TWO YEARS OLD and another successful year on the grid.  I have been with BOSL from the beginning, playing tunes from SL musicians - including our very own homegrown musicians.  Catch you at the BOSL Anniversary Weekend.  I am on the air at Egoisme on Sunday morning, 6-8AM SLT.  We kick off with our non-stop broadcast on Saturday, running through Sunday!