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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hoots for Owl! Winston Ackland and POL Arida

Two greats!

Incredible concert last Thursday at DarkStar (Owl Dragonash's live music venue).   I was reminded of it when POL Arida sent me three songs.  I had bought a couple of his albums before the concert to review his music, and it was a treat to receive some more tracks in the email later that week.  POL Arida is renowned for its guitar mastery, and his music became an exceptional addition to my radio show today, Slow Bake (on SL Live Radio Sundays, noon to 2pm SLT).

Reflecting on Memorial Day, consider listening to his "Land of the Free" (2012). I especially like the music video,
POL Arida's web site, where you can buy his music is at...

Before him, I enjoyed Winston Ackland, another notable musician, and from what I gather a talented songwriter as well as musician.   He has his own music out under his name Bruce Lash, as well with his band "Wonderland Diner."   One of the fav tunes he played this day was from the band's recent 2015 album "Dandelion."   You must listen to the title track, but even better yet, "He Dreams of Amish Girls."  Ackland might sound familiar to you, for he sang a cover of "Lithium" in the 2008 motion picture 'Marley and Me,' and "Psycho Killer" in the Oliver Stone film 'Savages.'   Wintson is a great storyteller, and at one point in the concert, he noted that - at those times when you need to get an album out, and your deadline is looming, anything and everything becomes material.  Amazingly  his observational talents have led to striking stories in much of his songs.

Links - Winston Ackland/Bruce Lash

Hats off to Owl for bringing these two artist to DarkStar


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