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Sunday, May 31, 2015

May I Listen? Yes, you Alex Mays!

Let's start with an introduction to blues by Amays (Alex Mays) and BLUE (Eddie Blue).  Alex is the front man/avatar in Second Life.  And both play together in Real Life like this -

You can catch Alex in the virtual world at all the popular venues, and then some. Now when artist rep. Sher Salmson says that a musician is talented, you can bet they are so.   I have known Sher nearly all my virtual life.    She has fairly much retired from music management, and is having fun with some other projects, including creating music machinima. 

There are some 'virtual' musicians who she is still ready to help, and among her favorites is Alex.    What are the characteristics of a "Sher" musician type?   Hard working avatar, dedicated to the music craft, songwriter/composer, charismatic and possessing oodles of audience rapport.   They must be committed to Second Life, and take it as seriously as anything else (yet not full of themselves).

So that would be Alex Mays and the company he keeps!   She has other favs, and if you know her, you will know them.   Just sayin' there's something special about this guy, originally from North Carolina, now Michigan-based.   

In Kalamazoo, Alex has teamed up as well with Eddie Blue for some amazing work.   Below are two renditions of All I Need -

Virtually Yours (posted May 15, 2015 YouTube by Sher)

All I Need is a sassy tune that speaks to nightlife at its core.  Listen and watch here for some serious acoustical R&B, funk, jazz between the duo on Reverbnation.    

Alex Mays' Solo Work 

It's Always Been Raining!  (May 21, 2015)   recently posted by Sher

Check out Alex's solo music also on Reverberation

His Americana tunes reflect Rock, Blues, Southern Rock and Jazz. 
Check him out also on YouTube.   So "Come Along Baby" and listen here.

Here's one that Sher produced/posted - Have Mercy!

And if that is not enough - here's Alex's LP "Americana Recordings"

Catch him in the real and virtual!

- Soni

P.S.  I play his music on SL Live Radio Sundays, noon to 2PM, as well as many other SL artists and boast now of a nearly 600 song playlist.