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Saturday, May 9, 2015

SL Music Wrap Up This Week

Let the pics tell the story.....of SL's live music scene.
Who did you listen to this week?  Here's who I heard?

1.  The Boom Pony  (Wednesday, May 6)

Frogg Marlowe with Jaycatt Nico injected humor and good tunes into our hump day.

2.  Following Effinjay, it was Anj Gustafson (aka Andrew Deal) rocking the stage at The Boom Pony.

3.  Thursday night, James Olmos (AcousticEnergy Nitely) played cross town at the Seaside Lounge...

4.  Saturday, I caught up with the versatile "torch" singer Maveen at Key West, who sings just about every genre in her unique style...

5.  Bel and I closed out our Saturday night listening to the cover band 'The Bloody Pirates' at Off The Rails....(with the venue owner on drums for the second half)...
Kris (lead vocals) of The Bloody Pirates)

Cleo Rabini

So many choices of musicians to listen to over the course of one day to one week.  We try to vary it every week.  

All and all, Bel and I finally retired for the night to get ready for my DJ show on Sunday - Slow Bake on SL Live Radio, 12-2PM SLT/PST.   Come join me at MistyFalls this Sunday or listen live online.  Bring Mom!  (In case you forgot, it is Mother's Day - give the gift of music!)

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