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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Diaspora Fusion Rocks The Grid

  Good times on a Tuesday at Diaspora Fuson.

Note the Public Service Announcement sponsored by Diaspora Fusion.  So okay you know sometimes you find a gem in the midst of so many so-so clubs.    Not knocking other clubs, but sometimes you find something special, a bit different, from someone who knows how to rock.

Avia the terrible (a.k.a. Avia Dionysus) is anything but TERRIBLE.  She's a super DJ talent, great voice with intelligent talk ups.  She does spin a powerful mix that shows she knows her stuff when it comes to alternative rock bands.   On this nite, she was spinning out of Toronto to a small SL crowd at Diaspora Fusion that continued to pick up through the night.  Her lovely host, Bubblez.Buccaneer, kept the night fun as well.

Can you hum a few bars to Linkin Park, Celldweller, Rammstein, Black Keys, Low Level Flight, and Tiger Army, Lykke Li, and so forth, even some Nickelback, then you are at the right spot.  Plus you gotta love that spinning record dance floor.  Contests, trivia, and most of all good people who just like to wear black, tats, piercings, and keep the conversation going.  Anyone is welcome, and you will feel very welcomed here.  You will just know, if you know what I mean.

Attendees included:  Franchu Mekanic, D4M14N McDonnell, Platera Brianna, nunu Arun, Ziggy Stoanes, Stormie Coy, Belinda Barnes, among others I might have missed. Thanks to Bel for hanging out with me, as I checked out Diaspora Fusion.   Make note of the SLURL.

:)  Soni