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Friday, May 13, 2011

A Casual Friday Night

A fairy tale setting, a warm summer breeze, good people relaxing and enjoying life...accompanied by live music at Under The Willows.  Soni back at you, popping in and out of the live music scene.   Let's start with the woman in the photo below, an amazing singer herself. 

Premiere SL Music Manager Sher Salmson (above, 2nd and 3rd photo) and Venue Owner Under the Willows Precious Rallier (4th photo) love live music, and so together they created magic this Friday night - the perfect talent at the perfect intimate hide-away for music lovers.  Below, AcousticEnergy Nitely with Kenzie Kytori (Kenzie's). 

Under the Willows is a beautiful live music venue.   I arrived in the middle of AcousticEnergy's performance (wonderful as always) and stayed to hear Avant (AvantGarde Frequency, 3rd & 4th photo from bottom).   The night was mellow with acoustic ballads from AE and then some from Avant, who transitioned into some classic rock favs as well.  At one point, the audience grooved to a Beatles Medley. and later some Moody Blues.   I caught a pic of the lovely live venue owner of the same name Kenzie (Kenzie Kytori of Kenzie's) slipping in a dance with AE, who performs at regularly on her stage.  A fab night all around.   Damian Carbenell stayed around for most of the night, and of course one of SL's loveliest music manager Sher Salmson was greeting friends and fans to the exquisite venue - UNDER THE WILLOWS (owned by Precious Rallier).