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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eclipse Fever on Slow Bake

Sonicity at SL Live Radio's station located in Mad Pea!  "I am not afraid of no eclipse."
Back with my show in time to feature music on the theme of Monday's solar eclipse!
I have been looking for songs that align themselves along this line, from the mysteries of the moon. Mother Nature, and everything in between.  Some songs that come to mind - Gina Stella's 'Under the Same Moon,' Harry Frychester's cover of 'Moondance," and The Follow's 'Love Eclipses,' just as a start.

So let's have a solar eclipse party in-world Sunday at noon, until 2pm SLT, mostly featuring SL musicians, singers, and a few extra like the amazing Jenny Johnson, who actually wrote a song "Solar Eclipse" and released a EP dedicated to the town of Makanda, right there at the epicenter of it all, and it boasts that viewing will be the longest in their small town in IL.

Here are a couple of links:

I will also be playing many of the regular favorites from SL artists as well, who sing their hearts out on a nearly daily basis night and day, regardless of what is going on outside in the so called real world.

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